Tuesday, 1 October 2013


It's the best feeling in the world when all you have to do that day is sit down and relax with infinite tea. Preferably with FRIENDS on tv. 

It feels like I've finally got time to catch up on life including my little blogging world. I feel ashamed to say I have 15 blog posts I have to finish typing and post, I feel like I've really neglected Be A Goddess, and gone completely against my mantra. It's time I return to the amazing confinement woman I am (some could say a Goddess?) and spread my little bit of magic and love around. (It sounds arrogant and self centred but telling myself how amazing I am helps me get through the day.)

I've struggled to figure out the best way to throw myself back into something I love so dearly, and for me I flourish on change- there was a reason I worked fir an agency for so long. So look out for a lot new things coming this way (including awesome new hair!). A bit of beauty, some more "inspiration" and "how I wear" style posts I might even give vlogging a go, plus so much scheduling/ advance prep it will but my old disorganised self to shame :) 

The best time to change is now.  

When I was contacted by New Look last week asking me how I enjoyed London Fashion Week I thought this was a new thing to try :) Plus I had such an awesome time at LFW I don't want to accept its over. 

What did you enjoy the most about attending LFW?
The people I met- bloggers mostly. LFW for bloggers is really the only time we can all meet up and talk about the thing we like most- fashion. Plus new brands, PRs who are raving about their clothes, artists and designers. There's something about being surrounded by all that creativity that makes LFW what it is. Last February I met a Dutch writer for Vogue, this season I met a magician. 

For LFW, do you believe heels are a must? 
No! This season I ditched them completely, there's nothing worth breaking your ankles on the cobbles of Somerset house. Yes I admit 90% of my favourite street style looks included heels but you don't need them. 

What are the favourite key trends for SS14? 
Floral, floaty and fuchsia (well pink in general) and orange lips seen on the catwalks DKNY and Rag & Bone to name two.  Pink was seen everywhere, and no I'm not the biggest fan but I can't help but be inspired. I think I'm being swayed to the other team after seeing what Burberry and House of Holland had to offer. Plus its a great transition from this season's "Pretty in Pink"/"Fairy tale Grunge" trend. (I could be entirely wrong in my predictions but we will have to see).

What collection was your favourite? 
Sophia Webster's. I know I haven't shared her presentation yet but I LOVE it so much! It's literally shoe heaven (here's one sneaky peak).

If you could go backstage for any show, which show would you pick?
Vivienne Westwood Red Label. I didn't even have to think about it! It has such a uniqueness about it, a mix of historical construction and modern fashion. Plus being a punk at heart I can't pick any other. I could touch it all! See it all so close- maybe meet the woman herself! I need a cup of tea to calm down. 

If you could sit on the FROW next to any celeb, who would it be? 
Kelly Osbourne- I love her at the moment she always looks fantastic and I reckon she would be so friendly and easy to talk to. Plus I have serious hair envy.

How do you feel about the impact bloggers have had on London Fashion Week as well as fashion on the whole? 
I've already mentioned how inspiring bloggers ate to upcoming trends. Others make up the majority of the LFW street style, they swarm Somerset house (like a swarm of cute butterflies not something bad like locus), but they're the bridge between designers and brands and the command woman. There's a reason so many go to shows.

Jodie x


  1. This was a very interesting post to read! I'm going to check out PFW's last day tomorrow and hope it will be as amazing! I'm glad you found new inspiration for your blog, looking forward!

    XO Imke

  2. Amazing post,babe!I looove it!

  3. Ohh babe you make up is beautiful! The hairband looks very cool as well!
    & I love the celeb you chose! Kelly Osbourne is amazing <3

  4. nice to know more about it! lovely photo of you, lipstick in this shade rock

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. im glad u had such a great time at LFW :)

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog dear!

    XO Imke

  7. Nice to hear about some more thoughts on LFW, the photos fit really well too like your sitting down to a coffee thinking back and planning for the future :)

    -Tara x


  8. Blogging can be hard work sometimes to keep up with everything! I've got a few posts ready to post too - I hate it when life gets in the way.

    Corinne x

  9. What a great interview Jodie!
    And yes, haha, I believe we all at times have to pump ourselves up to believe in ourselves.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries