Monday, 28 October 2013


Today is my best friends birthday and as we're in Egypt I am very much expecting up to be warning our liver for a night out in Soho square -unless our tour operator has warned us otherwise. We didn't see any danger in going to Sharm el Sheikh (which before we left was at 33°c) being in a tourist resort so far from Cairo but understood our plans could change. In fact if all goes to plan the scratchy throat I took there has worked it's way to the riots, everyone has given up their protest for something more peaceful with lakes of tea and I'm being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

I'm favouring simple black looks of late no I have awesome new hair, this being what I wore for a night out with my sister and our boyfriend/ husbands. 

Dress: Topshop 
Bag: Gucci
Boots: New Look

I'm still carrying my bag everywhere- it's like my child I love it and can't help showing it off at every opportunity- it was a bit of a disappointment when I didn't pack it for my holiday. I basically left it to do all the real work in this look, pairing it was my much loved "Babes in Toyland" style dress and over the knee boots which I can tell are going to get a LOT of use this winter. They're the perfect boots. Warm, comfortable, waterproof and nearly flat so Chris loved them as I don't tower over him and we can hold hands. 

I'm so glad I spotted Bojana (from Beeswonderland) in hers that cemented my idea to buy them. Personally I feel I made the right choice in my faux leather pair, but I was tempted to buy these leather stiletto heel pair for full on Pretty Woman potential, but I can't wait in flimsy heels. I also really liked these patent and suede pairs. 
Jodie x 


  1. cool boots....I want a pair
    happy day

  2. Great boots!
    And you dress is amazing!!!!!

  3. Those are some gorgeous boots doll! Love them

    The Dragonfruit Diaries