Thursday, 24 October 2013


So at 10am I'll leave my English internet addicted life behind for a sunnier climate in Egypt for two weeks. Right now I'm trying not to wee myself excitement of spending two weeks of fun and cocktails with my best friend.

Knowing I couldn't go without a safety net I've arranged a few blog posts while I'm away (if all scheduling goes to plan) and there will be the occasional IG image (@JodieMarieDavey) if you want to make yourself jealous.

Leaving on a high note does everyone notice something different? I have a new blog header!

After a few problems trying to get some help designing something simple, I decided to throw caution to the wind and commission the lovely Paige from Paige Joanna for something intricate and complicated (and therefor fully commit to something other than a tattoo).

I feel so sorry for her having to deal with me! Indecisive isn't a close enough description- but it's the sign of a true artist that manages to deal with someone so awkward (it wouldn't have went ahead without her suggestions) and create something so beautiful. Plus once a design was thought she was so quick!

Paige artwork is something I have admired for a VERY long time, it's beautiful and really speaks for itself so rather than waffle further her are a few of my favourite pieces.


You can follow Paige on her blog (Paige Joanna),  twitter, Facebook, Lookbook and if I've forgotten anything then I'm sorry.
Goodbye for now,
Jodie x


  1. I noticed! Lovely header, you've made a right decision commissioning Paige :) she is clearly talented

    The Young Bridget Jones

  2. Ooooh, I love your new header Jodie! It was the first thing I noticed

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. awesome art! and your header is awesome!

    ♥ Ellen
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  4. I exactly know how you feel. Paige is such talented and lovely girl <3 She illustrated even me! It was such amazing surprise <3

  5. Ah Paige does the cutest drawings! LOVE the new header, it looks great. Have a fab time abroad!! XX