Wednesday, 23 October 2013


It's so hard to concentrate on work when I keep thinking about packing for holiday when all I want to do is try on the clothes destined for my case. Even more so as after visiting the Waiste event Saturday my wardrobe had grown (thank you Chris).

I'm surprised I didn't walk away with a lot more as everything was stunning. Thank you so much Sara for inviting me!

Waiste might have made its name as a cult denim brand but it's evolving into so much more. There pop-up shop was the perfect introduction to their future- and can I say the best executed introduction ever. It was so comfortable being there the Sara and the Billetto girls where super friendly and bumping into Rhiannon, Law and her friend Trish was the icing on the cake- I've never been to a friendlier event. Not that denim was left behind, Sara had arranged an amazing denim customisation station (with the best mirror ever) so we could all take home a piece ourselves. 

It's hard to see how Sara transformed an empty space into something so her and showed of Waiste so beautifully in such a short amount of time. It was the cutest bohemian paradise, Sara's attention to detail made it perfect (even down to the make shift changing room being draped with throws).

Every item for sale was perfect (I was actually a bit jealous watching people go home with clothes that didn't fit me like an awesome green felt midi skirt and a blue velvet and lace dress). Brand wise it was a perfect example of care and commitment to Sara's ideal of where Waiste is heading. After much deliberation I walked home with a ring, necklace and lace cardigan for my holiday.

The surrounding was a direct comparison to the stock: funky kimonos, choice velvet pieces, lace, it was all beautiful and very bohemian. In hosting an event to represent a brand Sara had nailed it and I'm so excited for her in terms of what's to come :)

Jodie x


  1. Sounds like a fun time! I love your new blog header so much

    The Young Bridget Jones

  2. ah man can't believe I missed you! LOVE the new header FYI xxx

  3. interesting and fabulous! ^^)


  4. Amazing Photos <3 ,love that :)


  5. This looks amazing, it must have been such a fun day!