Friday, 15 November 2013


Finally I have a few photos up from my holiday in Egypt (if you want to see more I've made the Facebook album public). It really was the holiday of a lifetime and I can't believe how much I miss waking up talking to my best friend April. 

The Houza hotel was beautiful, the gardeners kept the grounds looking tip top, there wasn't a fly in sight, and the best part: it looked like Bedrock. Everything was very rocky even the showers it was fantastic. Plus the staff were very friendly, they couldn't be more helpful. They offered to make us special vegetarian food every meal, had drinks on our table/at the bar by the time we arrived and generally made sure we were OK even on excursions. It was the idea thing to be sitting in late 30s early 40s heat after the hectic few months I had. 

The Sunday after we arrived we visited Soho square which was unlike any shopping centre I've visited abroad. It was so bright- it's open a night but there's so many lights, the musical fountain was something not to be missed and there was no store owners pestering us to come in/buy things. 

There wasn't a great amount of entertainment (although the team was so friendly they kept us in constant giggles and chatted to us a lot), but they pit on a few themed nights including a Halloween night where I dressed up as a make shift cat. 

Wednesday we went quad biking in the desert. It's easy to forget with your hotel on the sea front (with fish the swim right up to your ankles) that you're in a desert; but the biking was excellent. You feel like you're the only ones in the world flying through the air at 50 plus mph (with the instructor playing chicken with me as I nearly fell off about 10 times). It was worth the aching wrists and thighs where I was trying to grip on for dear life. 

There's been a bit of civil unrest in Egypt at present but you really couldn't tell. Me and April felt as safe as houses, walking to the local supermarket every evening, and going on excursions. Other than having to go threw security checks at the airport gate there felt like nothing was wrong at all. I'm not sure if it's just because of the distance of Sharm from Cairo (7 hour car journey), or (which most of the locals mentioned) that the media had exaggerated the danger but it was fine. Putting it in perspective, we live just outside London and during the London riots (August 2012) it didn't effect us at all. The only difference was that the hotels were a lot emptier- so no fight over sun beds ;)

Plus as a massive thank you to all the British nationals for continuing coming to Sharm (the Russians and Germans closed there borders until a few weeks before) the held a free "We Love Egypt" party at Hollywood that was a blast, and was filled with dinosaur robots and light up Disney characters, and so-strong-I-thought-I-was-going-to-die cocktails. 

We had a little too much fun with a light up sword.

The rest of the time we spent between the beach and jungle pool (where we were often the only ones there), at the freezing main pool, and at a water park.

It was a blast.

There was just one thing we didn't like. Being two (super pale obviously English) girls we got a lot of attention. When they didn't think we were a couple (which we didn't clock onto until the day before we left) we were getting hit on a LOT. To the point where I couldn't read my book of pull out a wedgie without someone asking me for a drink/number/ even my photo :/ most eventually got the hint but it really took it out of us- but was partly our fault as (unlike the Russians who were extremely rude) we were super friendly and polite. Next time I go for a girl's holiday I'm taking a ring and pretending in married. 

Jodie x

P.s. hope you enjoy the bikini photos. I'm thinking of (no ootd photos) but comparing the bikinis I bought (as big breasted bikinis are hard to find), a Sun cream review and a what's in my bag advice (as my friend forgot it ALL) but I'm worried it might be a little to winter for it all. So would love some advice. 


  1. looks like you had an amazing time!!! xx

  2. oh my u are so lucky to be there! And i really love the mint dress. It looks so pretty on you :) xx

  3. Oh my gosh it sounds amazing! Loved reading about your trip there. The Sharm party sounds like so much fun and that dress is gorgeous!!!!

  4. I love Egypt in your lens, everything looks so beautiful, just wow <3

  5. Wow, Egypt looks fantastic! I've always wondered what it would be like to visit there, and I'm convinced I have to go now :D Haha, the biking sounds like it would be so fun. Great photos showing your trip!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. Looks amazing, hope you had a great time! You look so cool in the dashiki!


  7. looks like you had an amazing time, awesome photos!


    ♥ Ellen
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  8. I've always wanted to go to egypt!!! and morrocco!...ah..what a trip...hope I get to be there one day too..thanks for sharing...

  9. yay photos from Egypt! all the scenery are beautiful. the bikini shots are great, your curves <3 glad you've had a lovely time!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  10. That mint dress is gorgeous! You look stunning in it. I'd definitely be interested in your thoughts on bikinis, as a fellow larger chested lady! Winter or not, it's always useful to have suggestions.