Monday, 18 November 2013


I've spent my lunch at work actually planning outfits (!!!) As well as a ton of other posts, gaining a lot of inspiration from the street style I saw at London Fashion Week.

I love black looks but there just wasn't enough at the s/s 14 LFW. Although the ones I saw were the perfect mix of layered textures :)

All black looks always look so effortlessly cool, and this lady makes me long for a long black coat.

This blue haired beaut was like a machine street styling at LFW, I literally couldn't catch her for a quick chat. I can only presume she was photographing for something important (a magazine I hope :) ) and she was so professional. But I love her quirkiness (those cropped trousers) and her hair.

Layering leathers is something I have to copy from this kind lady. Watch this space as I'm seriously going to try this :)

I know this technically isn't an all black look but I loved her style and how her lips natch her hair :) 
Jodie x 


  1. Awesome pics<3

  2. All black looks are by far my favourite, they all look amazing. And her purple/blue hair is incredible!

  3. aaah I love black and these have given me major inspo! obsessed with the blue haired lady, total beaut x

  4. These ladies are all so creative in how they dress! Love it

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. OMG,love this blue hair,so cool. ;-)
    Lovely greets

  6. Your lunch break sounds pretty similar to mine! P.s I can never have enough black! Great post. Hollie x

  7. I'm a huge fan of anything black... like Henry Ford once said.."as long as it's black!"... it applies with me too... great looks...loving that last one, the girl with blue cool! I've been drooling over those hair dyes since they appeared..but my hair is so darn just doesn't get quite those vivid shades of colors..nor the lightness of pastels...
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll keep in touch too!

  8. All black is always my go-to outfit when I just don't know what to wear. Great grunge inspiration!

  9. YES black w/an interesting twist is always fun x