Thursday, 21 November 2013


Black last time, colour today. 

Colour is something that scares me. The ages between 12 and 17 I didn't buy clothes that wasn't black, up until I was about 20 I only bought dark colours. White is colourful in my eyes. 

But I'm always trying to do things I don't usually so I loved the bright looks I saw at LFW. I left and told myself I needed a pair of pastel jeans or trousers (pink as that's a scarier colour) after seeing this ladies pastel look.

This girls leggings are awesome! It encouraged  me to wear my Egyptian leggings while in Egypt with a simple vest and jacket look like her :)

Kayla is the queen of print clashing and looks just so cool :) 

Clare and Florrie was an absolute pleasure to meet (there so nice) and couldn't be further from my style but they're fantastic. I went home that day and told myself I have to gain there confidence -and you might not see me colour blocking in a bright green coat or surrounded by a cloud of pastel but I'm trying to get more comfortable with colour. 
Jodie x
P.S. the uni open day was exhausting. I need to completely rewrite my personal statement (and they only accept 54 people onto the course) I just hope I get in now as I literally can't imagine my life without it.  


  1. Cool!! I love them all!! ;)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! Some of the topics you
    will find there are Personal Growth, Fashion, Health and Motivation between others. <3

    New Post/Outfit Idea: Breaking Rules

  2. I always think it's interesting to read about whose style bloggers admire, especially when it's really different to their own style! Florrie always looks so cool :). oooh best of luck with your personal statement! I can still remember writing mine, re-wrote it about 50 times but it was worth it as I'm pretty sure it clinched me my dream place! Hope it goes ok :) XXX

  3. I like colours on people but on me I mainly wear black white grey, dunno why..just that I feel more comfortable in them and that I don't like being centre of attention. but me too, im trying to have a bit of colour in every outfit- usually bright lipstick or accessories.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. I've seen Florrie before at LFW (and at Comic Con, once actually, which I thought was brilliant. Who says geeks aren't fashionable?) and she always looks amazing. I wish I had her confidence!