Friday, 27 December 2013


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas- mine was awesome! I spent the whole 3 days with Chris and family, my sister cooked the best Christmas meal I've had in at least a decade and much laughing occurred. I completely forgot to take photos, and blogging went right out if my mind but I do have a little something to share. Don't panic it's not a haul. Although I see nothing wrong with them I know I'm blessed to have what I receive and don't like to compare (although you're likely too see them on the blog soon).

Christmas is the one time of the year that I actually have a few hours in the morning to get dressed as (this year) my mum woke me up at 6:30am. I didn't get home until gone 2am. So as a personal challenge I decided to spend a little extra time on my hair and try out a few new styles, completing the look with my Holly clip from Crown and Glory.

For work on Christmas Eve morning I donned a simple victory roll and high pony- and you can all see my "natural" work make up and brown tinted eyebrows (which I ONLY wear for work).

Christmas Eve night called for a which change for drinks and games with friends, so I ditched the tight pony and paired the roll with a messy bun, which ended with a very competitive game of snap.

Christmas Day (to wear with my beautiful silver Topshop slip dress) I choose to have my hair down with twin victory rolls. Lots of food and bubbly, me and Chris acting like one mind during Articulate, and laughing. One thing I have to ask- are we the only family who wait until after dinner to open presents? We didn't start until after 5pm.

Boxing day was "our Christmas Day" where my entire immediate smoothness together for lunch out and lots of champagne so called for something spectacular. I wanted something I can show off to my nan (she loves my hair) and I didn't disappoint. Plus having my hair off my neck was the perfect comfort for an afternoon filled with games- including a round of the Name Game where Chris guessed his character on the FIRST try.

Cue the most creative and difficult hair creation to date.

I honestly can't believe myself how easy I found this for a first try. It's a card or just using basic hair skills in a creative way. This is a little insight to what I've got planned fir the future of "Be A Goddess" I'm going to give tutorials a go, obviously starting on a few hair related ones.

How was everyone's Christmas? What do you think of my hair challenge?
Jodie x 


  1. you look gorgeous!, I am fascinated by these hairstyles, you look very feminine!

  2. Way to be so creative with your hairstyles! Everything turned out amazing. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas - sounds like you had fun!
    Also, thanks for your last comment about Prince...animals truly become a part of the family, huh?

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous xx

  4. i love ur hair colour xo

  5. Great post! Really love it!!

  6. Wow, nicely done with the hair! I tried to do a victory roll when I went as Sally Jupiter from Watchmen for halloween years ago, and failed miserably!

  7. I'm already in love with your blog!

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  8. Love the colour so much!!! xx

  9. Love the pics! Thanks for your comment! Followed on GFC and Bloglovin! Follow back!

  10. merry xmas!!!

  11. your hair is amazing, ive started trying some 1950s/rockabilly hairstyles out myself this week with some on my blog im hoping to me doing lots more posts with some more styles im over at x