Thursday, 5 December 2013


So remember this post where I experimented with night time photography, well me and Chris has been at it again. This time we tried shooting in black and white. 

It was a nice experiment and I'll admit our photos need a lot of work but I like them. 

I think I need to rethink the background of my photos (and makeup was a bit if a waste of time) but fir a first try I'm really proud of what Chris achieved (the composition failure is all my part).

Jacket: River Island
Tee: Chris'
Velvet maxi: Vintage (similar here)
Loafers: Linzi
Bag: River Island
Hair clips: eBay

These photos where after a day where everything went wrong. Plans got ruined, I was feeling ill (Chris had to order my food for me as I lost my voice), and I nearly ripped my hair out trying to curl my fringe. So this outfit was a comfort outfit.

The tee Chris gave me years ago when he lost weight and I love it. It's so worn in its like a cloud :) perfect cosy item. 

The clips are my easiest hair do as of late- I pin them in when I really just can't be bothered. Such a bargain from eBay! Chris thought I bought them for Halloween but they're for everyday. I'm really considering adding to my white pair (from here) with either black or purple. 

I've been experimenting with my hair all week (I know have the rolled fringe down) and these clips. So I reckon you'll see a lot more of these babies. 
Jodie x 


  1. i really like these clips ;3

  2. you love velvet like me!!..., i found you recently and i liked your style!, so i wish we can follow each other, i will anyway! but apreciatte a lot if you will too!...greetings. <3

  3. ooh, love black and white photos! That looks like a great jacket :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Love it, night time photography is really hard to get right. I find that more urban areas work best for nighttime :) <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  5. The photos look great! and practice makes perfect, im sure if you keep playing around with them youll get them how you want! Hope your feeling better today as well! <3