Tuesday, 3 December 2013


With everyone's present sorted (other than my dad's) Christmas shopping is over for me. Not going to lie finding the perfect present is my favourite time of year :) 

Feeling like the only person completely sorted/it just being payday I've got a little list of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. All of them are £15 or less (I still live on a student's budget) and a lot of them I may or may not have already bought a few people. The rest I really want- as in I don't think I will survive after Christmas without white hot chocolate.

It was hard to choose between getting my friend something Soap and Glory or Lush- but I knew I wanted one and these (after giving them both a good sniff) are my picks from both.

Living with such a metrosexual male in my life I'm a little obsessed with mens beauty. Chris "knows" what he's getting this year and his "big" present is after shave and it was really fun trying them all out to find the two or three he preferred :) So this list is very male, the Lush gift box was just neutral enough for a man (and Lush male centred Mr Snowman is perfect), and the moustache grooming kit it to quirky to pass up.

Personally I love these cute heart shaped hair rollers. In slightly sceptical about how well they'll stay in hair but they're right up my street.

3) Wallet

I've said "no" to buying clothes for the most part this year (I wanted something a bit more personal) but I'll always live accessories. I'm hoping Chris will take my hints and buy me a pair of faux fur ear muffs (like these from M&S). I've also been really cheeky and bought these I Love Crafty earrings for myself that I've told Chris has to give me :) and a certain best friend will be expecting a personalised necklace under the tree.

The one thing I don't think you can go wrong with is a bit if knitwear, and the men's version of a bag- the wallet. I'll be honest I do judge men in their wallets and if they carry around this from ASOS I'll be impressed.

8) Tablet cover

Buying the Chelsea Doll name necklace made me think of other personalised things, and what's more perfect than buying someone like me (an iPhone addict) a personalised phone case (or the cool "This Is Happening" instagramm book), I really wish Chris had an iPhone so I could get him one of me. Maybe next year.

It's hard searching for presents without seeing things I want myself, and there's so much. I'm hoping Chris reads this just to get hints off this section ;) like the faux fur hot water bottle very similar to one I pointed out at the weekend I love, and following on from my need to own ear muffs I love these head phone pair.

They're from Currys, and I'm loving there gift guide there's a lot I want (I want to move out just to furnish it with their stock), and as my tripod is on the way out I'm starting to miss it as its a blogger essential.

Being a food lover I really NEED white hot chocolate in my life after its discontinued after Christmas, and Whittards is like Mecca for a hot drink lover like me, I could even use the mini whisky collections for hot toddys!

There's only one exception to £15 or less mantra and its this vintage style tablet case. I can't help it I just love it; and its really only £16.99 which isn't too expensive.

I hope this helps some people.

Jodie x 


  1. Nice gifts ideas!


  2. HAHAHAHA what a good way to say at loud what you want ;) ;) the iphone case would be a hit!


    1. Ha ha Chris has no excuse for saying " I didn't know what you wanted" now ;)

  3. great ideas ! I don't know why I came here so early !

  4. I love this little help guide, thanks! X Anna


  5. Nice gift ideas.
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  6. awesome finds, amazing that they all are under £15! the moustache grooming kit is fun, probably getting one for my boyfriend :) I really want Soap & Glory, always find them very expensive and christmas present of this would make me very happy

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