Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I've grown bored of my hair- and my fringe needs a cut, but mostly these winter months are a nightmare for frizz. As such I've been experimentally with hairstyles- and I think I can say I've mastered a pin-up rolled fringe. 

These aren't the best photos (the lights too harsh) but I think we're getting better. Unfortunately my ring isn't shown off the the best and my hair looks very shiny. 

Skirt: Boohoo
Shoes: Linzi
Snood and hoodie: Primark
Oversized denim jacket: thrifted
Bag: River Island

I'm FREEZING in these photos so I couldn't help but snuggle into my snood. It was fine walking around London in the day but I cooled down a lot on the train home so we jumped right into bed when we got home and fell asleep. Me and Chris are so hard-core! 

I don't know why I don't wear this skirt more often I love it. The zip, the pattern the high waist are all perfect. The best part is that it's lined so it hugs my body tightly but is super forgiving on any lumps and bumps while being a bit warmer than my other skirts and honestly doesn't move a cm. The downside is also the plus as I managed to get the lining stuck over my bum going for a wee. If I wasn't to own this lined one from Boohoo (to save my bum) I would pick either the second one from Topshop or the third from Missguided

I'm turning towards them more and more, even if they cause me to struggle with stairs. I'm very tempted to buy like 100 of them and say goodbye to my mini skirts but I know I'll regret it. I think I like the way they show off my curves. I've never felt ashamed of my curves and love showing off my body so this is like an alternative to flashing my bum like I usually do in my books ;) 
Jodie x 


  1. I love your skirt! It really suits you, looks lovely xx

  2. cool outfit! i love that skirt <3

  3. lovely skirt! :)

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    Great post here!!
    Your pencil skirt is really eye-catching!
    I love how you pulled of such winter look

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  5. I love pencil skirts a lot! And this one looks great on you! Love your hair as well.

    XO Imke

  6. your skirt is so lovely, absolutely to die for <3

  7. Oooh your skirt is so cool! Love the zipper going up it :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. you look flipping gorgeous! one of my faves definitely. your legs are still tanned! ;)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  9. I love your hairstyle! I really think you mastered it beautifully! That skirt is really something special! I adore every bit of it! Congrats on winning my giveaway! I am following you too on bloglovin as you are unique and I like that!


  10. That is a gorgeous skirt, and it suits you so well! I'm loving the rolled fringe!


  11. ohhh you look so gorgeous, love the skirt - suits you so much <3


  12. My hair does not like winter, at ALL. Wishing I had any idea how to master the pin-up fringe you've nailed, though! That snood looks so cozy, too, I'm definitely quite jealous. And honestly, I think your pictures came out very well, considering the lighting right now is a total nightmare xx

  13. Great way to beat the hair frizz, your hair looks perfect it's such a tricky roll as well. Love pencil skirts on you, like this check pattern they always cut me off in a funny place (I'm to short *sob *sob) xx