Tuesday, 17 December 2013


It's been a long time coming but finally here's my post on the AMAZING Sophia Webster presentation at London Fashion Week s/s14. It's hard to explain how absolutely fantastic it was, the mix of colour, the execution of the idea, the models behaviour, the music but obviously the shoes and bags. I will be forever thankful for Lauren for inviting me. 

Sophias presentation has been my overall highlight of anything I have ever seen at LFW. 

The idea was a sleepover in a florist sort of thing, giving the whole vibe a very relaxed but fun atmosphere. The abundance of floral wasn't over powering the models, with such statement pieces I think any thing less would have looked bare.

Katy B (and a DJ I have completely forgotten the name of) provided the perfect soundtrack- bright and fun- completing the whole experience. It all had a fun insect sort of vibe, very fitting to the floral and ladybird spot inspired accessories. 

The bits I loved the most were the beds covered in flowers were two beautiful models spent the time laughing a joking with everyone- at one point the even had a dog- making everyone feel at ease and like you were surrounded by friends at a sleepover. 

The slogans on all the clutch bags are inspired but my favourite piece has to be these "Queen Bee" shoes. I need them.

The models were the perfect choice. They were all so fun playing up to ANY camera be it the top press of just little old me. There were many a cheeky wink, pout and wave in my direction. 

This was possibly the most inspired and surprising thing, the shoes were used IN the flower arrangement. I looked over at a hanging basket and here a pair were!

If anyone knows we're I can pick up my own fluffy iPhone cover please let me know.

The whole presentation was perfect. Sophia, Lauren and the team done an excellent job it was the perfect showcase.

I apologise for how image heavy/ slightly blurry the images are I wanted to post about 4 times more it was an such an awesome experience.

The only downside- I can't afford it all :(
Jodie x 


  1. that reminds me I still have to show you mine!! such a bargain last week!! cannot wait to wear them!

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  2. So whimsical and sweet and the shoes are to die for… x

  3. super fun clutch dear...I want one
    happy day

  4. Looks like a fun event, the shoes are amazing, very originals!


  5. What a fabulous event! Wow! You're so lucky to have been there girl!

    XO Imke