Sunday, 1 December 2013


I love trying new things, this weekend I was determined to master a pin-up styled rolled fringe a d this is my first try. (Thanks to this video).

It's not amazing -I'm the first to admit it needs a LOT of work but I'm pretty proud of the attempt. At some point this week (if I don't collapse in exhaustion after work) I'm going to give one big victory roll at the front a go and try and up-do.

I'm also planning on doing the last of my Christmas shopping (online- probably all from ASOS ha ha) as I've only got two more people to shop for and I'm done ( ones my dad and he's harder to shop for than me). Then it's time to plan my Christmas outfit. Eve I'm wrapping up for an alcohol free drink with my friends (hopefully), Boxing Day I've asked for this Vintage Style Me velvet smock, but I still need a Day outfit. One thing for sure is in decking out my nails- maybe something like these Norelle shared.

I'm very thankful for Laws lowdown on tie ASOS selfie school last week (check out her awesome Selfies), not being able to secure a place the tips are excellent :)

But the one thing I've come to realise I like more than knitwear in winter, is tortoises in knitwear :) 

Jodie x

P.S. sorry I've not replied to a single comment, I've been feeling very rough this week- goodbye voice and hello waking up all night suffocating in my own lungs. I know it's like I'm always ill at present- I think it's the stress of my job :( but ill hopefully be back to normal functions the coming week. 


  1. you look flipping great! i wouldn't be able to master this!

    ahh christmas presents shopping, men are so hard to shop for, grr. i hope to find something tomorrow.

    hope you feel better soon dear

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. aaand that tortoise is soo cute!!

  3. I think your hair is awesome! So fun to try new styles and this one is perfect on you! I totally adore that turtle! Probably the cutest thing I have seen in awhile!


  4. Nice post!

  5. Nails are awesome ;3 i think i am going to do it. :))