Sunday, 22 December 2013


The one thing I love more than anything right bow is my new dress!! I'm actually planning to wear this Christmas day and its VERY creased from delivery (I'm not sure how to iron it safely so I'm going to ask my nan for advice) but it's so beautiful.

It's totally not me in colour- shimmery light silver is very un-Jodie like- but I feel in love with it at first sight. It's from Topshop and (if you follow me on Twitter you would know) I had a few problems buying it. It sold out completely, two days later it returned, I bought it and the order was cancelled (twice) so I took the risk and bought a size smaller based in the reviews it came up big. It does (by about two sizes) but that's actually a good thing and I've never owned any thing like it before!

I'll be honest and I was completely inspired to step out of my colour comfort zone by Clare (from Rainbows & Fairy Dust) and this particular silver number by Helena (of Bells Fashion) especially this post. I love her glitter-and fur style, I wish I could rock sequins like her but until then a little bit of inspiration has rubbed off. I love her latest look so I have to share :)

From one sequin look to another- Kayla looks amazing in her "Getting ready with Missguided look".

I've seen a few of these looks this past week or so but I really like the format of Kaylas post. I actually feel like she was getting ready- and the only New Years eve look actually taken in the evening. I guess I'm a little obsessed with the party season quickly approaching and can't wait to dress up over Christmas, and fancy dress it at New Years eve.

I always feel like I only ever hear good reviews of things, and wonder if blogging is a little bias, until I read Beckys post on the Pop Bands she bought. She was honest (so I'll not be purchasing a Pop Band) and one honest bad review is better than 50 good reviews.

Jodie x 


  1. Ooh, that silvery dress is gorgeous Jodie! can't wait to see it on you :)
    And yes, an honest review is always more valuable

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I bought the same dress! It really is a beaut.

    Hope you have a fabulous christmas my love!


  3. Ooooh it looks perfect for Christmas! I hope you have a gorgeous Christmas lovely XXX

  4. The silver dress is beautiful! Love your inspiration outfits =)

    - Che