Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Thank you for the help with washing my make up brushes- the general consensus was people washed then with whatever they washed their faces with. Therefore I done the same and I can't believe how much make up washed off!!! My sink was a very strange colour after washing.

Sunday ended up being another wasted weekend- all I managed was to empty my wardrobe a little, and think of a few outfit ideas for the weekend.

I don't think I've shared this with you before but I won a voucher for a studio shoot and Saturday is the day!! I'm still not 100% on what I will wear but I have a lot of ideas :)

Now my wardrobe is a little more assessable and I've got rid of things I feel I should wear but don't like (read: 9 pairs of jeans and any top with more than one colour) I keep making mini outfit ideas in my head. I feel a lot more comfortable in what I'm wearing now (not just the past few days) however much I like to try new things it's nice to wear old favourites too and styles I have tried and tested these last 23 years.

This is a new item that I feel like always belonged to me, like we were star crossed lovers destined to meet.

Tee: Redrock
Creepers: Camden Market (similar here)
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Necklaces: Gifts 
Bag: the Look Show

I'm still carrying around the tote I got from the Look Show, I just really like the funky skull print on the front. Plus the grey skater skirt from Internacionale. It's fast becoming a contender to my favourite skirt (look out Boohoo skater skirt) but was freezing to wear! This is what I wore Saturday and the sun kept hiding and raining so I regretted this look pretty quickly.

The creepers were a 2nd choice to my buffalo boots I was planning to wear (stupid eBay seller) and I personally surprised how well they are lasting. Why aren't these soles falling off?

The tee was a giveaway prize from Redrock and (due to unforeseen postage problems) took WEEKS to finally arrive at my door but it was worth the wait!! Everyone I spoke to Saturday commented how much they liked it (I might have to hide it) and I can't wait fir it to come out of the wash so I can wear it again. I often have the problem where I will ask for my size and Internet companies half that and I end up with something I struggle to breathe in. Not with Redrock. I asked for a size 14 and its a perfect oversized size 14. The rolled sleeves are beautiful baggy and the chest room is unbelievable! Plus the tee itself is really thick material :)

If you haven't heard about Redrock you will do, and its easy to see why. Was this store made for me? There is no product I don't like, just product a I'm lusting after. Firstly this "unicorn crossing" tee. I just love the unicorn fabric, it also comes as a crop top which I also love but (for once) I like the belly covering version.

I don't think I have ever expressed a with to own a sweater before but there's something about the "Witches be trippin' " sweater I need (it's also available as a tee). But it's not just me who loves Redrock, you've probably seen it on several fashion bloggers, and even Rihanna is a fan- her item if choice this tee.

Jodie x

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Sunday's were made to catch up on all the chores that I don't have time for in the week, but trying to fit so much in such s small amount if time means things rarely get done.

I haven't washed my makeup brushes in over a month! So that's today's main plan. How do you wash your brushes? Do you have a special cleaner? I wash mine in my face soap but I will be interested in what everyone else does, and how often.

Other than that I'm going to empty my wardrobe of clothes I no longer want and argue with an eBay seller.

If you follow me on instagram you would know I bought a pair of buffalo boots, first day wearing them they completely fell apart, exposing the sole kept together by glue! I know they're used but I do not deserve a faulty product. The seller is claiming I am running  "a little scam" (because I really want to waste my money that way) despite me sending photos of the damage and basically been very rude so I've sent the details onto the resolution centre. I've withheld feedback at the moment (ad I'm still hoping she will refund me and I don't want to jeopardise that) but then she's getting negative. In general I never leave negative feedback as it gets resolved but she's just plain rude.

Does anyone have experience with the resolution centre? Is there a way I can speed up the process? As her name calling is turning into plain bullying.

I've also nodded on another pair, and have found a store that sell them as I NEED these boots!

Today calls for a lazy day comfy outfit and I'll probably be wearing something not far off this look.

Sonic Youth Tee: Chris'
Leggings: Romwe
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Tote bag: The Look Show
Plimsolls: Shoe Zone

In case it's not obvious I'm not wearing any makeup in these photos(!!!) It's what I wore in the week to see Chris after work, and as he loves me no matter what I look like (*pretends to vomit*) and to rest my skin I don't wear make up as much as I can. I was in two mind whether to post a make up less look but this blog is all about trying new things and beauty in all places so why not! In fact you would have got a fotd if I had though about it and filled my brows a little (I don't feel like me without my brows).

The tee and plimsolls are just comfortable clothes, and the bag I received when I won tickets to the Look Show last year. The leggings are the main attraction.

When I received them in the week I had to put them straight on, and I'm in love. There just so comfortable and soft and just beautiful. These photos don't do them justice the little "stars" pop out of the material. The only small negative is they're a medium and fit perfectly but are low cut on the waist. I've actually bought this pair and this pair last week,  and picked them in a large. Because of their stretchy nature I know they will squeeze into my shape but be a little more forgiving in the waist and hopefully a little more Simon Cowell like.

I was also really tempted to buy this pairof leggings (and I'm still tempted now) but I'm not sure I will wear them, I'm not really a princess sort of girl.

Jodie x

Thursday, 25 April 2013


The sun was a little crazy and flashed out behind a cloud at the wring moment hint this over exposed snap :( this is where possibly knowing something about photoshop might have helped. 

Playsuit: Primark
Tights: Primark
Oversized Leather Jacket: Chris' (H&M)
Flatforms: Office (similar here)
Necklace: Gift
Bag: Gift

I'm not a fan if playsuits, but I think it's because I can't find ones that will fit. I'm a little bit too much booby: either I have to buy one that cuts them in half (or causes some serious camel toe) or is FAR to big.

Until I bought this beauty from eBay last year. I saw it months previously in store but was too unsure to buy it, but I couldn't resist the velvet goodness online and it HAD to be mine. It fits perfectly! The cut itself gives me the curves I love, plus the open back jot only looks beautiful but also gives me a bit more room in the chest department.

Plus its really rare I get to show off the tattoos on my back -note: do not get a tattoo on the back if your neck/upper back if you ever want to see it. The Japanese script says (roughly translated) 'twin girls' for me and my twin sister but I can't stare at it like my others :(

I usually wear it with just a pair of flats, or under a fur with thick tights but the weather was beautiful at the weekend I wanted to attempt to embrace it. Although I'm still a chilly person and couldn't leave the house without a heavy jacket- in this case one I "borrowed" from Chris.

I've developed a thing for men's jackets I love how oversized and snuggly they are. I'm always stealing Chris one from H&M (along with half his wardrobe), plus whenever we go shopping we stare at leather look jackets for ages. Chris has a "thing" for a good jacket, it's possibly greater than my shoe collection, or velvet collection! So obviously I spend so much time staring at them (hopefully Chris will buy another I can borrow) I love this one from Topman and this one from River Island. 

Jodie x 

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I told you I loved this mesh top and here it is again.

Mesh top: Motel Rocks
Crop top: Boohoo (similar here
Flatforms: Office
Sheer tights: Primark
Skirt: Boohoo
Bag: Gift
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Links of London and a holiday souvenir 

It was reasonably sunny yesterday and this is what I wore spending time with Chris. We done very little just bought new bedding for his room, and then went round his new band mates house for a drink and to listen to music. He's now plays bass in a Punk band (in addition to the other bands). I really like his new band mates and very much looking forward to them gigging so I can be a Punk bassist girlfriend (my 13 year old dream was to be Nancy) and to throw myself about at there gigs. I've always love the energy of punk gigs :)

It was perfect for walking about in the sun, the floaty skirt and bare midriff keeping me cool but the rights and covered shoulders warming me up. Perfect spring look. I only wish I layered the Boohoo crop over the mesh as the mesh kept rising up above my boobs.

The real beauty of the outfit is my bangle I got from a holiday to Tunisia (in 2005?). You can just about see that's it's engraved with "Jodie" in Arabic. It had faded a bit to copper but I love it and very happy I've found out again after not seeing it in over a year.

I know I shared a few crop tops last post (all from Motel Rocks) but I feel that if you want a crop top you go to Boohoo (in fact I have just ordered this one here). This, this and this is a fantastic version of a sheer pannelled crop top from Boohoo particularly the lace one.

Jodie x 

Friday, 19 April 2013


Remember how I said my new job was a 9-5 gig? Well here I am with another Friday off. My job really is quite cushy :)

It was a welcome change to be woken up in my boyfriend s bed with some squash, with our irregular shifts we've spent the previous few months barely seeing each other so waking up to cuddles was perfect. Topped off with receiving my Motel Rocks order and finally using my Boohoo and Romwe vouchers today was already a fantastic day all before 9:15am.

Plus I decided to wave my hair this morning and it looks amazing- perfect hair day :)  Even having my hepatitis booster can't dampen my spirits.

I've also booked a Photoshoot courtesy of a raffle prize for two weeks time- now I need to pick what to wear.

This is what I wore today including my new Motel Rocks purchase.

Dress: Charity Shop (similar here
Bag: Gift
Leg warmers: Claire's (similar here
Coat: New Look
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Flatforms: Office
Lipstick: Barry M
Mesh crop top: Motel Rocks

I saw this photo on Motel Rocks instagram and was instantly reminded of a string vest I had in the mid noughties (2005?) And had to own something similar! Motel Rocks did not disappoint.

My eyes instantly were drawn to this crop top I bought, and if you're wondering about the short crop it is a little high but I completely expected it (the twins are rather large) so would come a lot lower on a normal sized person.

It also comes in white which I wasn't sure about at first (I'm not usually a white person) but now it appears to have sold out I want it after falling in live with my black crop. Plus if you're a bit worried about "exposure" they also sell a mesh crop with a built in 'bra' (in black and white), longer length mesh tops (again in black and white) but also a TON of embellished mesh crops with beadwork :)

It would have been a little too easy to pair my new crop on its first day out with a one if my usual skater skirts, so I decided to layer it over my "sexy lady" dress- it's the dresses name as I always feel fantastic in it! Plus through it on at almost every occasion.

I was going to pair then with my creepers but I'm loving my flatforms at the moment (with their best friends the leg warmers) so threw them on too. I'm really tempted to but about her pair of flatforms but I feel like I have too many shoes already to justify it. Maybe if I emptied my wardrobe a little?
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Sorry I've been AWOL this week- I honestly feel like I've missed seeing my friends but I'm back! Where have I been?

I would like to say something exciting like I've been on an adventure with Stephen Fry and tea with Dave Grohl but far from that, although just as beneficial to my emotional health. I've been seeing friends (you'll see us bowling at the Olympics soon), writing my proposal so I can get a lot more training at work, and falling in love with my boyfriend just a little but more (feel free to vomit). I don't want to brag but can I just say he's amazing and makes a the perfect cup of tea, I could go on all day but he's mine and I don't want to make anyone jealous.

Chris took some awesome outfit photo of me in the sun (and a lot more of my chest and of very unattractive photos of me moving about). He's getting really good at understanding what my " vision" is and throwing in ideas when taking photos and I think there 1000 times better than my tripod photos.

Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Sleeveless shirt: Charity Shop
Belt: New Look
Bag: Gift

My beanie Sunday would not stay on my head!! I ended up looking like Dappy about 1000 times hence keeping hold of it, but despite how annoying it became I was a little chilly in the sun, why I kept my trusty oversized denim jacket with me.

I attempted to get my legs out but being a bit too booby in my shirt (my chest as grown again- I don't know how) and with a bit of midriff on show I felt a little naked so put on my babies (my DMs). I felt really grey in this look so threw on my beautiful bag my parents bought back from one of their travels (Jamaica I think) and to brighten the look up this amazing moon necklace.

I bought mine off eBay (here) and I love it. I'm not usually one who can stand fake diamonds but I love this. It reminds me of Sailor Moon.

The necklace is also available in pink (here) and blue, green and purple here :)
Jodie x 

P.s. I will be replying to comments and catching up on much missed blog posts this evening, but right now (as this is scheduled) I'm pulling my hair out trying to train staff as I'm running about organising patients for a theatre list.... or shouting at a machine that keeps alarming for no reason (their getting old).

Friday, 12 April 2013


After spending Monday to Wednesday training returning back to work yesterday was a welcome relief. It was dull but it's not over yet, as I spent this afternoon applying for new courses and perhaps starting a cheeky new degree/ qualification.

It was nice to lose the uniform and spend a little more time in my nice clothes.

This is what I wore Monday I did start the day with my hair up but I unwisely bought caffeine (forgot to order decaffeinated mocha and nearly ripped my hair out) so it ended up in a messy bun (my first and last messy bun).

T-shirt: Very old Sonic Youth tee 
Leather Look Skirt: Boohoo
Tights and snood: Primark
Leg warmers: Claire's
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Flatforms: Office
Belt: New Look 
Lipstick: Barry M

I woke up Monday feeling a bit ill (it's the 4th or 5th cold I've caught this year) so dressed for comfort. Nothing says comfort like a tee my boyfriend no longer wears (he bought in in his early teens mentioned it was a little too baggy and didn't have a choice but to give it to me), a oversized jacket and snood. I'm always more comfortable in a skirt or dress so paired it with my all time favourite skirt from Boohoo.

For footwear I picked my office flatforms which I've pretty much been living in them the last few weeks. Especially with the added ankle warmth of leg warmers :) I have told myself that I need to start wearing my other shoes (looking at the ootd I have ready to post) but I love them!

I've also fulfilled my wish of owning a skinny leopard print belt :) I feel like I've been looking for one for about 10 years and always struggled that either the buckle was "all wrong" or usually not in my size. I've got a normal sized waist but I could only ever find a belt in a small :(

I bought my belt from New Look and its perfect- I really can't fault New Looks belt they're just the right amount of flexible, long lasting and faux leather. But it's not the only one on the market (whoop) the second is from H&M and the third is from River Island (but a bit more expensive).

Jodie x