Friday, 31 May 2013


You don't hear from me for ages then all of a sudden it's two posts in two days! All I can say I thank God it's Friday!! Tomorrows activities could not cone sooner I'm exhausted after this week (mentally and physically) especially after running 3 clinics today (admitting and discharging patients for biopsies, settling up urodynamics and checking chemo patients) tonight definitely a takeaway night.

As promised it's an outfit post today.

Skirt: ASOS
Socks: Primark 
Bag: River Island
Studded belt: New Look
Top: Boohoo
Brackets: Topshop, Prairie Charms, and gifts

I apologise for my bra having a sneaky little show, I'm wearing my super-duper-almost-made-from-cast-iron strapless wonderbra. After 10 years of being strapless bra free I finally found one that not only fit but has support. It honestly feels like someone if holding my boobs in place. I love it but the down side is it has a big band (which is very much needed) combined with the fact that crop tops are always a little short so you can see the bra a little.

Second apology is for me refusing to look at the camera, these photos were taken the morning after a night out and I wasn't careful enough my my make up and I have panda eyes/cheeks/forehead. I knew I wouldn't redress if I had a shower so I took a few snaps.

I love this outfit, but it is a little too "goth" for the heat of the day I wore it. It's actually Very light and breezy so what wasn't a problem heat wise but a few people did comment. I've gone a little "arm party" crazy as of late and can't help but later up my bracelets, and I'm still a big fan of my vintage buffalo boots.

My crop top I bought with the voucher I won, but had my eye on for weeks. The sleeves are perfectly long buy look good rolled up slightly, and the bardot styles looks amazing. The only downside is that it's elastic around the top which should keep the top in place buy instead kept getting dislodged by my bra and rising up. It's not too much of a big deal but still a little annoying. Mine is from Boohoo here but Motel Rocks and Missguided both have something to offer :)

Jodie x

P.s. remember I mentioned about Laura's "Fashion in Film" posts- she's posted again here, and you know it's going to feature in my weekly round-up that's going to be posted on Sunday :)

Thursday, 30 May 2013


This week has fallen to serious Blogger Block- I don't even know the last time I blogged, and although I am still visiting my favourite blogs commenting has hit an all time low. Until today I haven't even read an email for nearly a week. I'm not 100% sure if its a lack of time (I can officially join the masses and say I hate work this week), a lack of inspiration to blog, or the fact that after nearly 2 months I've finally been paid and all I can concentrate on is visiting London this weekend.

But I'm back and I am to spend the rest of this evening planning blog posts (inspiration is building- you can check out my Tumblr if your interested in what I'm interested in), and planning "theme posts". I'm not a big fan of wishlist after wishlist and I hate intstagram posts- if I was interested in your life I would already follow you (if I ever comment on one of your posts its because I love you- but I equally love you if I don't), but there are posts I love.

I love posts that create looks from a theme- Laura form A Forte For Fashion has probably the best set of posts I have ever see; her "Fashion in Film" posts make me squeal like a little girl :D. similarly I love "how I wear posts" such as Lucy from Daily Disguise and her "Ways to Wear" posts.

Finally I fall in love with Bloggers and Brands all the time. New collections make me wish I won the lottery and the only reason I have yet to be arrested for stalking is because I haven't been caught. So now is the start of a conscious effort to share more of the things I love. In the end this blog is my own personal space to share so read it or not.

Whens a better time to start than now.


Today's post is devoted to the email I received that finally pulled me out of my block. Gogo Philip has released yet another new collection.

I've mentioned on my blog before, and if you have met me in real life I will share my passion, I LOVE Gogo Philip. Threes something about them I cant resist. Their jewellery looks slightly more chunky (I'm not a dainty fan), there is a LOT of gold and a hooped earrings any Essex girl would love. The saddest part of this month is being a little to enthusiastic about my "GO" earrings to Chris (I was telling him how they encourage me) and ended up tugging at them so much they fell apart nearly ripping my ear at the same time.

For 40 years Gogo Philip has bee crafting modern jewellery with a vintage aesthetic from Italy and all I can say is that they keep getting better. You may remember me mentioning how upset I was for missing the Gogo Philip Malibu 1992 collection as its a summer dream- Palm trees and the most beautiful ring.

Their Gogo Philip X Disney exclusive to ASOS (and their store) is another step up for them.

I'll be honest at first I though it wouldn't be for me- I'm not the biggest Disney fan and I was worried the audience may be a little young for me but I was wrong. I honestly can't decide my favourite piece!

These Crossbones earrings are amazing and instantly caught my eyes. I love anything anatomical and skulls are a bit of a (not so) secret love, so I love these playful Micky earrings. There is just something about them I can envision wearing with a black body con and a messy bun and flatforms... maybe red lipstick... maybe plumb... they're just beautiful.

Similarly I Love these drop pearl earrings. I find the golden ears of the pearl 'face' just the right amount of cute :) This spiky Micky pendant is beautiful. The chain reminds me of a necklace my dad bought me.... probably over 15 years ago one holiday. Unfortunately my school had a strict 'no jewelrry' rule and was confiscated and never seen again (this rule later led to suspension when I got my lip pierced) but I can't help but be drawn to it.

Fingers crossed I can convince Chris that we need to take a trip to Gogo Philips flagship store in Shoreditch this weekend, or at very least dribble over their collection in Oxford Circus Topshop.

I hope you like this post- don't worry this wont become a weekly thing there will be plenty of outfit posts to enjoy. Tomorrow I will have another outfit post up for you.
Jodie x

Sunday, 26 May 2013


I can't stop spending money, as you can see I have slightly darker but more intense colour -and said goodbye to the blond as well as quite a bit of the length. Having a sister as a hairdresser it all cost  less than expected (zero) so I used said money on myself instead. Hello New pinafore dress.

Leather Look Dungaree Dress: Parisian
Crop top: DIY
Socks: Primark
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Boohoo
Necklace: Gift
Brackets: Topshop, Prairie Charms and gifts
Feather Hair Slides: Crown and Glory

I wore this for a trip shopping, well a planned trip. We were heading to Lakeside but when we saw the standstill on the M25 we took the alternate exit and ended up driving about for a few hours instead. Finishing the day with a walk around the park.

This dungaree dress was a whopping £10!!!! I bought it from one of those cheap shops that usually only stay in business for about 6 weeks and blare out R'n'b and Dub Step. I wandered in attracted by a monotone co-ord (that didn't fit) and stayed for a beyond track wandering around the rest of their stock. This was hidden in the furthest corner and HAD to be mine!

It's a little on the short side (as it's lifted up over my boobies) but beautiful. New Look do sell Parisian in their label lounge but don't have this pinafore (unless they all have sold out) but I have found it from Chiarafashion. It's not a website I've used before but the dress is an exact match.

Like I mentioned New Look do Sell Parisian clothing and this pinafore is a very close match. There are hundreds of pinafores on the market but my favourite has to be this one from River Island (I love River Island). It if you do fancy a leather look pinafore SheLikes have this to offer :)

My shoes I bought using a Boohoo voucher I received from Lost In The Haze giveaway. I felt like a complete change from the norm and bought White heels- read it again: white! They're a far cry from my usual black but I love them. They're very "Essex" and squeak for an unknown reason but I love them. Although they're awful to wear on uneven ground. I fell into this tree (not me gripping the trunk for dear life) and couldn't get up again. Chris just stood and laughed.

So I ended up taking the shoes off walking around the park.
Jodie x

P.s. Can we all appreciate the amazing photos taken by Chris again? I'm so proud of him :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013


This week I've worked late everyday- I know a lot if people leave work a few mm minutes late but today and yesterday I left two hours late!!

I've been a little naughty this week and spent money I don't really have. This beauty from Redrock and this from Nikki Lipstick will be here soon :D I'm sure um not the only one who's mood directly impacts on their shopping habits. When I'm happy I shop, when I'm sad I shop. I've tried to only buy of my "with list" but it's forever growing.

Being over worked means I've been in the mood for doing little else so I've just been chilling in my favourite lazy day clothes.  That's either a tee and leggings of my long denim dungarees and a crop top.

Dungarees: Primark
Mesh crop top: Motel Rocks
Bag: Gift
Flatforms: Office
Necklace: Gift

I apologise for the awkward camera angles/poor lighting. This was taken a few weeks ago and was one of the rare times I was leaving the house still wearing makeup. Even my hair is the effect of a long day at work up in a big bun.

I've had these flatforms for a while now and they're showing a lot of wear, great news I bought my Buffalo Boots. I love my leopard pair especially with all black outfits for a bit if colour. These from UNIF are a really close pair, and I love this spike pair from UNIF and these from Underground.

I'm sorry this post is so short and dull and so long coming but this week has been dull for me- I can't wait for the bank holiday weekend.
Jodie x

Monday, 20 May 2013


Who ever said weekends where meant for relaxing was wrong- today I'm exhausted! I've barely been able to keep my eyes open.

Yesterday me, my sister's and mum went to shepherds Bush for Wedding shopping, mostly buying my mum an amazing wide brim hat that is absolutely awesome! Plus plenty of wedding chat. Well worth rolling back to Essex near midnight. Although I ended up missing the Gogo Phillip x Malibu event (which I was VERY excited about seeing) bridesmaids duty came first.

Saturday was a lot more relaxing after picking up Dylan from the groomers we took him for a walk around a park. He got tired quickly (but not as quick as you would expect an 11 year old dog with one lung to get) so after taking him home we ended walking around a different park and a petting zoo :)

These photos where not taken in Thailand as it may seem but around the park :)

Hat: H&M
Silk slip worn as dress: Charity Shop- originally Ann Summers
Boots: Buffalo (similar here)
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Dungarees crop top: DIY (similar here)
Bag: Gift
Bracelet: Topshop and gifts
Necklace: EBay

Chris spotted the stairway across a main road almost completely hidden by trees and its perfect! Instantly we knew the photos where looking amazing while capturing them (we took nearly 120) and Chris was so confident about them he was the one in charge telling me what he wanted to take, and even gave a passing car a dirty look for getting in the way.

This is the sort of outfit I had in mind when I made my crop top- as an extra layer over a dress. Unfortunately my chest seems to have expanded and this dress is a little short now so there was a few flashing incidents on these stairs. Standing up its fine but I'm thinking of investing in some cycling shorts none the less. Plus I love it's skater style.

I love slips as a dress. I know it's lingerie as outer wear and not everyone's cup of tea but it's definitely my cup if tea. I love the lace and silk slip from Figleaves, and this amazing lace trimmed slip from Simply Be. Plus Marks and Spencer have amazing coloured slips too (like this mint slip).

I'm still in love with my buffalo boots, now called my "moon boots", they're just so comfortable! The dress I got from a charity shop for one whole pound! And is so easy to wear but I do get the occasional stare. My hat was from H&M and I know hats aren't really s/s attire but they're hear to stay in my books.

I hope you all had a good weekend- did you get up to anything fun?
Jodie x

Friday, 17 May 2013


Ask any girl in the 90s who she wanted to be and she would have said "a Spice Girl", me included. One holiday I even preformed a mined performance with some friends as Scary Spice (it was the hair), but dreamed of being Ginger. Ironically know I'm more suited to Ginger Spice I would quite fancy being Scary :)

Even after seeing the in concert where they totally knew I was attending I was never asked to be the 6th member. I'm still waiting.

Even if you wasn't a fan of their music you would have been blind to miss their shoes- Flatforms everywhere! Most noticeably they often wore Buffalo boots.

I never owned a pair in the 90s but I loved my GoGo shoes (white Velcro flatform sandles with a big squishy logo). To me I was a Spice Girl (maybe more Baby Spice but a Spice non the less).

When this flatform trend emerged last year I was quick to jump on the wagon. Buying my polka dot ASOS sandals was a dream come true! Being a shoe horder I actually find it difficult to justify buying more (I own a LOT) but I couldn't resist buying two pairs of creepers (I convinced myself I was a Teddy Boy in the 50s) and my much over worn leopard Office flatforms. But I still longed for 90s nostalgia.

When Office started selling the re-issued Buffalo Boots I HAD to have them, but so did the rest of the world. By the time I saved enough to afford them my size was gone! I felt like my Spice Girls dream had been ripped away from me.

Until recently I scoured the net with no luck, every pair I bidded for on eBay was ripped from my grasp. But now they are mine!!

I am beyond happy they're now part of my life! They're a little worn but for something 20 years old they're amazing! The sole is unbelievable! Even the laces (which the seller stated as "over worn") have tons if life left :)

I had to wear the asap so this isn't my ideal look (I'm thinking "Goth Spice") but it will probablybe one if their most worn looks, paired with my favourite tee from Redrock, my oversized denim, disco pant dupes and my beautiful Ragged Priest Beanie (to hide my messy hair).

Tee: Redrock
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop (similar here)
Disco pant dupes: Ark (similar here)
Boots: Vintage Buffalo Boots
Beanie: the Ragged Priest
Bag: Gift

Obviously I'll be rude if I kept them all for myself so here are some eBay links currently selling buffalo boots in good condition (here and here), plus you can buy them new here, and here. But if your thinking of a pair a little different these, these and these are my favourite search results (particularly the fushia version).

This is another attempt at a shoot by me and Chris but it was getting really quite dark so we struggled getting good shots on our walk. FYI this bridge scares me I'm always convinced it's going to fall down ad it's so old. I'm squealing leaning on that fence.
Jodie x 

P.S. I apologise for the amount of waffle in this post but once I started typing I couldn't stop. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


This week I'd dragging- it already feels like Friday :( Half of the clinics have been cancelled at work and there is NOTHING to do!

Or rather there is plenty of internet window shopping to do. I have been lusting over various items on Redrock, Nikki Lipstick, Mod Dolly and Girl Stole. I can't wait to be paid and finally treat myself because I started a new job :)

I can totally treat myself right?

Hoodie: Primark (similar here)
Camouflage jacket: Charity Shop 
Flower hair ties: DIY 
Tee: Gift from Cancoon
Bag: From Boohoo at LFW
Shoes: Gift
Velvet turban: Topshop (similar here)

I wore this look a few weeks ago and its just been sitting on my kindle waiting for an opportunity to be posted. I wanted to post it as its another shoot me and Chris played around a bit and included the bench as a bit if a difference to just standing. I like it. This was the last time I really treated myself wuth a massive LUSH haul (shampoo, conditioner the lot).

A massive amount of this look was actually a gift to me. The tee my parents bought home from cancoon, my sister gave me the pumps for Christmas, and Boohoo was giving out these bags at LFW.  My patents bought the tee thinking I would never wear it but I love the little lizards crawling across it, so I've worn it quite a bit.

I LOVE tote bags. Not only do they make great shopping bags (there's always one folded into my handbag) but are a great way to subtly show your support for a brand. Plus as they have no size EVERYONE can wear them and look fabulous. I have a ton but I'm always looking out for another.

These are the 3 I'm lusting after st the moment. The first is this black number from Girl Stole, I don't own a black tote so I love the difference. The second is this amazing tie dye bag from Waiste, I can imagine my avocados being very happy in that.

My favourite is this tote made by Paige (from Paige Joanna), it's beautiful. I really love it but I'm worried I'll ruin it if I ever used its:(

My life is a little full at present I'm sorry I can't share something more but hopefully my next post will be a bit more interesting.
Jodie x