Sunday, 30 June 2013


I think it's time I set myself a budget as I can't seem to stop my spending. I just keep buying things! After shopping Wednesday I also dragged Chris around London shopping yesterday.

MAC satin lipstick in Rebel.
I've been obsessed with getting light bright lipstick for a while. I love my dark Tribalist Lipstick from MAC but I started to grow tired or dark (or red) lips. I wanted something bright and out of my comfort zone- I love giving myself little style challenges :)

After trying pretty much every lip product in MAC (I knew I wanted a MAC) I was torn between the Rebel lipstick, Rebel gloss and another I've forgotten the name of. Chris said this one looked the best. I'm instantly in love.

This is probably the first lippy I've only put one coat on! It's coverage is excellent, lovely and moist, stays like it's stuck on with glue (but hasn't stained my skin/lips so far) and is the perfect ribena/blackcurrent squash colour.

HD brow pallet in Foxy.
The second item I love this week will shock you as its to do with my brows- I love them now :) When I got my brows done I was encouraged to buy the pallet (which I've been using with an eyebrush I bought from Topshop) and its worked wonders on the "sharpie mistake" I called my brows. It cones with a nude (for highlighting apparently although it's far too dark for my skin), Warm Brown (which the beautician used on my brow s which is too light for my brows), Dark Brown (which heavily layered makes the best work look), and Carbon (an awesome soft black which creates the most stunning brows).

I've been layering it on- well I say layer a little goes a long way, I lay my brush on the pallet; and its excellent. I used to get accidental transfers and smudges all the time but this stays put. Plus it says it's 24hrs and I reckon that's true. It last all day looking like it's just been applied.

This is what the product a look applied to my face (sorry about the stupid look I can't take selfies).

The blog posts I love this week were all posted at the beginning of the week. My favourite by far (yes I have a favourite) is by Law from That's So Yesterday and her swap shop style challenge. She's a goddess. I read the post about 5 times in a row with my mouth wide open- how has she made two outfits with the same key pieces look SO different? (Witchcraft)

Second post I love is Elle (from Good morning Angel)  "Pixie Secretary". The shoes, the awesome necklace, the hair! I love it all especially her hair. In fact I love all of Elle looks- she has this amazing witchy vibe I love :)

The third post I love is another fashion in film post by Laura (from A Forte For Fashion). I love these posts and this one is an awesome 80s inspired look from the film Heather. Not only do I NEED to see this film but it makes me look at a scrunchie in a whole new light.
Jodie x 

Thursday, 27 June 2013


I've missed my mid week days off, despite the fact I've probably got the only health care job in the world that's 9-5 I miss agency work :( Yesterday was a very rare mid week day off due to a complete lack of clinics and not wanting to lose any annual leave. I obviously spent it shopping.

I had last month's wages to spend and got paid so it was rude not to shop :)

I bought a fair bit (I'm not a fan of hauls they make me jealous) but will all be up outfit posts soon. What I was searching for I was completely unable to find. I'm desperate for a pair of Dr Martens Eleanor in black- here they are in purple (which I love), yellow, blue and red (also love) but black are my favourite. They seem to be sold out every physical shop I visit and on the DM site but if anyone knows of a physical store in Essex/Hereford/London or online let me know. They will be mine.

My parents being away the weather here in the UK is wet and cold as always when they leave. (Is it ok that I'm not really missing my parents? I'm just missing my dog. He's gone to my nans to be spoilt and its upsetting walking through the door and he's not there to meet me.) Anyway the main reason I'm sharing this is being cold for summer yesterday I decided to layer up a la Kayla Hadlington.

Shirt: Charity Shop
Belt: New Look
Tights and socks: Primark
Bag: River Island
Oversized Denim Jacket: Charity Shop
Necklace: Paige Johanna Esty store (similar here)
Shoes: Mr Shoes (similar here

Finally I'm sharing my amazing Nikki Lipstick Dollcult leader tee :) I've been noticing a rip off a as of late (along with a few other if her designs) but the original is always the best. I was quite annoyed that when it arrived I had a customs fee on but I blame this entirely on Royal Mail (it was a couple of pennies tax and £8 handling fee!!- which I've heard you can claim back but no way near as easily as RM said you can) but I've not heard anyone else have this issue so I'm giving my honest account to go to the best.

Plus not only is it available as a tee (which I preferred) but also as a sweater and as a cropped tee (the most famous item of Nikki Lipstick clothing). Plus it also comes in white with a coloured doll.

I layers it over the red shirt as I really fancied a cool collar so through in a pair of red socks and my favourite jacket. I fancied a red bag so this River Island number (which is super cute but likes to turn upside down and throw all my stuff on the floor) and paired my leopard belt to match.

The pressed daisy necklace dropped through my door just as I was about to leave (perfect timing) and I'm so happy. Paige is a goddess! I'm beyond happy with it :) I want to do a completely separate post on her store as just everything is perfect so watch this space.
Jodie x

Monday, 24 June 2013


Hi guys- you may have noticed I missed my weekly round-up of love yesterday but I've been all over the place last week. I feel like I haven't read a single blog- but I know I have, but I have been making plans I'll hopefully share with you soon.

I'm feeling a bit better today- where my parents have gone away I've just been relaxing and cooking tasty food (a mountain of stir fry yesterday and a coma inducing salad today- so tasty!)

Plus I finally accept my eyebrows.

Now I've had a chance to fill them in myself (read: not used light brown on my black brows) and filled them slightly fuller and angled differently I actually don't mind them. Thank God for my HD brow kit! they're no way near the Audrey Hepburn/ Kate Middleton style the were before but I need them to grow quickly.

She done a really good job but they wasn't me but they were too natural. For anyone else they would look big and full and striking but they weren't "right".

Being upset Saturday I decided to treat myself to some shopping and bought some amazing shoes and a haul from LUSH- plus were given a bag of freebies!  They were making the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask IN STORE (to advertise just how fresh they're products are) plus giving away a goody bag for purchases over £40 (easily done).

Silk slip: Charity Shop
Fishnet cycling shorts: eBay
Oversized Denim Gilet: Waiste
Bag: River Island
Boots: Buffalo
Snapback: Romwe
Necklace: eBay

I've recently realised that all of my dresses have taken an upwards jump- I don't know if I've gotten taller or my legs longer or the growth of my chest has lifted them all up. Either way I've started pairing the shorter dresses with the cycling shorts for a little extra privacy. I'm not the only one either Chelsea from Chelsea Jade Loves does the same :)

I went for a hip-hop/r'n'b vibe and paired my dress with my chunky buffalo boots and oversized gilet, topping it all off with this awesome snapback from Romwe.

I have a head for hats but I wasn't 100% sure of them before, but after seeing this amaxing snapback from the Ragged Priest I wanted one - unfortunately trying this one I decided it wasn't completely me until I saw Linda from Trendy Teal in her awesome studded number.

I had to have it- and at £10 I couldn't say no. It perfect: I love studs and they're actually a lot more secure than I thought. It's clearly going to become my "summer hat" but being studded I also know I'll continue to wear it long after it falls out of fashion. Romwe also do an all over studded number in silver and black- and being Romwe you know they're fantastic value for money.

Thank you to everyone's encouraging words on the previous post- so what do you guys think of the brows?
Jodie x

Saturday, 22 June 2013


I'm sorry I've been a little AWOL this week but work well and truly got the better of me. I keep telling myself once we get new staff the workload on our individual shoulders would drop but its not happening.

I decided Wednesday after a truly horrific shift I needed something to cheer me up so arranged to have HD brows yesterday.

Let me start by saying that the shape is nice and she's done a really good brow- but I hate them.

I asked for "as thick as possible" and even showed her an image of what I wanted and she's ripped out over half my brows. They're disgusting. What I thought would be a tool to reduce my makeup time took me 45 minutes to get half respectable.

I'm really self conscious about them- they were so beautiful and no body is trying to make me feel better. "They look just as thick as before/ I like them like this/ there shaped now" are not compliments. None of those words reassure me that they are now thick and beautiful.

* * * * * * * * * *

I wrote the previous few paragraphs first thing this am sleep deprived.

I still hate my brows but I'm feeling a little bit better. I've been staring like a crazed person at Tess Munsters Instagram feed. She's my idol (or one of them). She's just a fantastic woman and her #effoffbeautystandards "movement" is possibly more inspiring than anything you seem in magazines about body confidence.

But the reason I've been staring at her is her brows. She has the worlds best brows. And nearly two hours or staring I'm starting to see done similarities between her and mine. I'm still not convinced they're as thick but I'm feeling a tiny bit better. You never know I might even build up the courage to take a photo of them and ask for all your opinions :)

This is a casual look I wore last weekend- as I physically haven't had the energy to put clothes on that haven't got holes/rips/creases but are so very cosy after work. That and I've walked through the door and became instantly bra less.

Tee: Killstar
Gilet: Waiste
Crochet shorts: H&M
Hair ties: DIY
Bag: Waiste
Shoes: Camden market (similar here

How cute are these shorts? Another woman I've fallen in love with as of late is Sara Lousie from Waiste. I love her later textured style and if course her brand Waiste (which my gilet and awesome bag I've been carrying everywhere is from). I want to get back into the habit if layering up my clothes a little more- jackets and tees I'm an expert at but now I want to take a leaf from Sara's book and layer a few dresses. Therefore when I saw these shorts I had to have them and hopefully channel a little of her unto my wardrobe (don't worry Sara's love of white and pale colours haven't washed off on me -I could never pull it off- black is here to stay).

The tee is another purchase from Killstar and its perfect. It's a Moon!!!

Obviously from my blog title you must have gathered I've got a bit if a complex about myself. I honestly think (in maybe just a small way) in an Goddess- probably (possibly) Amazonian.

Either way I'm fantastic and have always been drawn to the moon. I don't know how big/far away it is I just think it's a little orb of power in the sky. So I had to have this tee!

It's a tiny bit tighter than I thought (stupid boobies) but I love it. The print quality is fantastic and the delivery arrived so quick I was a bit shocked (Glasgow seems a long way from Essex). I ordered this vest too but unfortunately it had sold out of my size :( But the moon also comes on a sweater which is so unbelievably amazing I'm so tempted to buy it even though I have the tee and really shouldn't.
Jodie x

P.s. I apologise for the epic moan I've shared. I was going scrap the whole post but it's my blog so I'll post whatever I fancy.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Today was one big mistake and I wish I took up the offer of Chris calling in sick for me. The whole days clinics were cancelled and we were supposed to have a team building thing this afternoon which was also cancelled- but no one told me so I came without lunch :(

I'm very glad that I came home to my Mod Dolly dress and Romwe hat :)

Overall it's been a busy shopping week with all the ilk be purchased I've made and visiting Cambridge at the weekend. Until Saturday I had never been before now I want to go back.

We only really went to the main shopping centre and surrounding market but that WAD enough to fall in love with. Between the park and ride and ships we passed a lot of the university buildings and churches.

It was a shame it started to rain do we had to cut our visit short and photographs had to stop- although my dad was being excellent and running after me with the umbrella my mum kept walking in front of us. (Ps the dark hair man in grey and blond woman in tweed are my parents).

I've already mentioned my dad bought me an amazing pair of Levi jeans but that wasn't all we bought. He also bought my mum a beautiful Ted Baker bag, plus there was amazing stalls at the market were my mum bought me an amazing ethnic pair of trousers.

I'm glad I dressed warmly Saturday once the rain hit.

Boots: Buffalo
Leggings: Ark
Beanie: eBay
Bag: Primark
Sweater: Killstar

My hair wasn't this curly to start with but the rain fluffed it right up. I went casual with a simple leggings and sweater mix, and played off the pagan-goth vibe of my amazing Killstar sweater and mixed the all black look with a pastel beanie. I'm starting to get really into pastel accessories at the moment and have just bought this beautiful handmade necklace from Paige (from Paige Johanna) esty store.

I think this is a new turn for my personality/wardrobe.

Like I said my sweater is from Killstar and its the most comfortable sweater I have ever owned! It's like wearing a sunny cloud. I wire this last night to see Chris and I could see the jealousy in his eyes. Plus its fun to pick out all the pagan/religious/satanic symbols.

But the best part is the attention to detail- look at the underside of the label!

Killstar not only sell the amaxing sweater I bought, but many more including this pentagram and awesome galaxy sweater and loads of tees too. Check them out.

Jodie x