Friday, 30 August 2013


Prepare yourself for an image overload- this post is PACKED and this was after a LOT of cutting down. This is my second from last outfit from the "set" and my favourite one! 

This shoot is (obviously) inspired by Chris saying I looked like Snow White- and I think I do! So I grabbed an Apple on the way home and we took some forest photos. I'm unbelievably happy with how they turned out! 

Dungarees: reworked vintage from Waiste
Shirt: Vintage
Necklace c/o Gogo Philip
Crop vest: DIY
Shoes: Dr Martens
Hair bands: DIY

When I received this necklace I thought it was in no way me. I thought it was just a little too whimsical and cute. But putting on my Waiste dungarees I thought I might as well try it. 

I actually really liked it. From a distance the Dwarfs just look like a plaque so it's not too cute so just right for me. 

This look is very whimsical- all either handmade or vintage (but still full of black and a lot of red lipstick). Plus its all inspired by the necklace. 

Like I said I'm my first post about Gogo Philip they offer such a wide choice suited to everyone. Above is a little mood board of whimsical pieces- but any thing from the Disney collection says it fir me. 

I didn't realise just how inspiring this feature would be- it's really challenged me :) 
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Dress: Thrifted
Headscarf: Cuba 
Necklace worn as bracelet: Gogo Philip
Earrings: Gogo Philip

When I bought these earrings I instantly knew I wanted to style them in a casual pin up look, and I honestly think they are perfect. Similarly when I bought this dress I knew they would make the perfect couple.

I put my hair in a (very lazy) Victory roll and threw on some red lippy and I was good to go.

I used to wear headscarves ALL the time- like it was "my thing" I had about a hundred. Then I started growing my hair and sort of stopped. I think it was more that I hated my hair in the early staged of growing- I thought it was "dull" and being a short hair girl I couldn't get the hang of making it look nice.

But the last few weeks I've been reintroducing them into my wardrobe and I'm so happy. I like my hair again :)

This is probably the look I've put the least effort in (it took my less than 10 minutes to get dressed, do my makeup and hair). Ive always had a bit of a rockabilly theme in my dressing but I don't know if I've ever really expressed that on my blog? My love of red lippy (lipstick in general), eyeliner flicks, curls and the fact I have the perfect hourglass figure (I'm a babe) it's hard to see hoe I wouldn't like it.

Obviously all my pin up inspiration are earrings and bracelets- mostly earrings. If you're going to show of your ears with an awesome victory roll you might as well decorate them.

Jodie x

Monday, 26 August 2013


Dress: Mod Dolly
Tights: Primark
Classic Chain Necklace: Gogo Philip
Necklace worn as Bracelet c/o Gogo Philip

I never thought I could look so mature and sensible as I do in this look. When I had the idea to express several genres of style based around Gogo Philip jewelry I thought instantly to challenge myself to the extreme limit of what I call my "style". I wanted to challenge myself to do something sophisticated.

I don't think in 23 years I've ever looked so mature.

I decided to channel my inner Jackie Kennedy/ Audrey Hepburn/ Twiggy and go for a 60s look going for minimal makeup, pale lips, the beehive and shift dress.

So maybe its not minimal makeup but no blusher (not even my trusted lilac blusher) and eye shadow (I missed my smokey eyes) is a big change for me, plus my first attempt at a beehive I felt like a completely different person.

I tried to bring the look a little up to date with my tartan dress. Although shift dresses were a 60s staple tartan is all over A/W.

I tried to make the look understated (again hard for me) with simple accessories, my classic chain done all the real work with my 7 Dwarfs necklace as a delicate bracelet, a good alternative to the Plated bracelet or Dog Head Bangle.

Or I could swap the necklace for a statement pair if earrings- I'm still lusting after the Brooke Palm earrings and nothing says sophistication like a pair of pearls. 

So what do you think of my sophisticated look? I could totally be taken home to meet someones parents. 
Jodie x
P.s. this is the first tine I attempted a beehive- I love it but can do with some tips. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

90s POP

Less than 8 hours until the bank holiday weekend, and after the week I've had at work (plus the meeting yesterday) I cant wait. 

My only plan is to get my eyebrows done and look for the perfect bright purple lipstick. I know I have a few already but I need more purple! If anyone has a suggestion of what I might like please share :) 

Talking of something playful like purple lipstick- this us my 3rd Gogo girl look- something fun and 90s inspired. I'm really failing to see how Gogo Philip isn't every ones cup of tea as they offer so much. 

I honestly have no idea where throwing all the peace signs came from

Crop top: Redrock
Dungarees: Primark
Necklace: Gogo Philip
Boots: Buffalo
7 dwarf necklace c/o Gogo Philip

How 90s can I get!!

I being serious the clothes mixed with the tie dye flag and bean bag its like the 90s physically threw up on me! Ha ha ha. 

With the 90s everywhere at the moment I took a massive inspiration out of Law (from That's So Yesterday) and channelled some 90s goodness. I honestly owe this whole look to her :) 

All I needed was that purple lipstick...

These photos where actually taken before my gold hoops arrived although I wish I wire them- nothing says 90s throwback for me like massive hoops. Instead I had to make do with altering my chunky chain into a very realistic looking choker- plus being heavy it didn't do that annoying spin thing and actually stayed in place all day. 

90s looks for me are always about big chunky jewellery, so the Chunky bangle and Yasmin triangle earrings are my choice, and for the mix of 90s hippyness the Ying yang bracelet is perfect. 

But for a collection individually the Malibu 1995 collection is bang on 90s trend. Every single piece is amazing (I could have included them all not just the Palm necklace). I guess with a name like "Malibu 1995" it has to fit. I also would love to take over half of the collection on holiday for a bit of bling down the pool especially these much lusted after Brooke Palm earrings (I NEED these in my life!)

What's everyone thinking if these posts? I hope my venture into trying out new things (did you see my urban look) is inspiring everyone :)
Jodie x 

P.s. thank you a thousand times for the awesome comments on my last loon. It was a MASSIVE step out if my comfort zone so all the feedback made me feel fantastic. Ive got another look up soon again something quite new where I actually look quite mature and so sensible. Like you could happily take me home to meet your mother and I'll not mention anything to do with Erectile dysfunction or bowel movements. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I think I can finally say I've recovered from my sisters hen do on Saturday. I might have drunk FAR too much and suffered from the WORSE hangover but I made sure I spoke to everyone and everyone had a really good time :) 

We saw a burlesque show at Proud in Camden and I highly recommend it- the drink prices where VERY reasonable for London, the male host was AMAZING (literally made the night) and more shocking one of the staff recognised me! I have no idea where from but she did :) I obviously make an impact on people :D 

Unfortunately my legs are still a mess (a month on from the insect massacre) so it was a trousers night for me but I'm desperate to start getting them out but look at them. 

I'm 80% sure I'll be scarred from the bites. 

Dress: Motel Rocks
Back pack: Camden Market
Necklace c/o Gogo Philip
Bracelet: Gogo Philip (actually a necklace)
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Sneakers: Converse 

This is the second look incorporating Gogo Philip- this time an urban sort of take. 

At the Gogo event I was in awe of several of the girls and just how cool they were. Me Hannah and Kayleigh actually joked about a Mean Girl style "you can't sit with us" sort of thing as we where there- its important to remember everyone we met where beyond friendly- they where just so cool. 

Brick lane seems to breed girls and guys that ooze the Urban feel about them. I fell in love with a girl who was dressed in a stripe midi dress, back pack and vans- something I had to recreate. 

I rarely ever go down the "urban" route so this is a welcome step out of my comfort zone, pairing a loved body con with my converse (which I never understand why I don't wear as often as I should) and no tights/heels for once. I simply layered on my wrists and threw on some hoops. 

I think the hoops are a throwback to Essex in the 90s- everyone had a pair of hoops, mixed with my girl crush on Rhianna which I've tried (and failed) to channel. 

Inspired by Rhianna/ some brick lane realness this Tupac necklace looks perfect (anything from the Malibu 1995 screams cool), and the Castle earrings (from the Disney collection) is a lovely chunky take on some hoops that I really like.
Jodie x
P.S. my boyfriend would like to take full credit for the title- and make it known he has coined the phrase "ghetto goddess" ;)  

Monday, 19 August 2013


Do you remember I mentioned I went to the Gogo Philip #fbloggers party? While I was there I got into conversation with a blogger I have completely forgotten who (I'm sorry my memory is awful) but there was one comment that really stuck into my mind "there isn't a typical Gogo girl". 

Its something I've been thinking of these last few weeks but there really isn't a typical Gogo Philip fan. 

Its the sort of company who's pieces appeal to pretty much everyone. Be you a Vintage lover, an Urban babe, fan of dainty pieces and chunky wears. Looking around the people at the Gogo Philip events there was a lot of different styles around me.

The last week or so I've been thinking A LOT about this- and feeling rather inspired. Thinking up lots of mood boards in my head for different styles and I couldn't wait to try them out. My inspiration over the next few posts with the only accessories from Gogo Philip. I always think the right accessories make the outfit. 

I'm not one to stuck to one way of dressing- I buy things (usually) without much for thought and as such have a very confused wardrobe- I find it a little hard to place but I get inspired by a lot if things and would hate to "pigeon hole" into one genre. I try out a lot of different looks but I've never intentions pushed myself to explore. So this is the perfect excuse- and here's my first look. 

Mesh sweater: Fashion Union
Sheer blouse: Primark (similar here
Leather look trousers: River Island
Cut out boots: River Island
Satchel: Primark
Head scarf: Camden Market
Necklace: Gogo Philip
Nugget ring: Gogo Philip
Skull ring: Gogo Philip
Screw ring: c/o Gogo Philip

This look is probably the most "me". Like I said I dress in a lot of different styles but this is a typical go to look. I LOVE all black looks, lots of layers and just the right amount of sheer- I've tried to give it a name but I'm a little bit lost. Grunge? Punk? Goth? Indie? Rock? Who knows!

Anyway typically I go for lots of layers in my accessories too- I love a bit of hand candy and a good arm party. But I also love a chunky piece to grab everyone attention. Below are a few pieces that I love. 

The necklace and rings I own (and bought all other than the Screw one I was kindly given in my goody bag from the #fbloggers party). I really like the Disney chunky chain too- the toughest piece from Gogo Philips Disney collection, and this cool stirrup bract would be great to layer. 

By far my favourite piece is the Malibu 1995 Brooke palm earrings. I NEED these in my life- physically need! They would complete me!
Jodie x