Sunday, 29 September 2013


Last Sunday I was fortunate to win two tickets for London Fashion Weekend from the amazing Georgina (who's just bought a new domain name - which I LOVE). They could not have came at a better time. 

Although it was recently my sisters wedding it's been a bit of a rough time recently both for me and my best friend April who I took. So this day out was the perfect pick me up. We also realised how great a pair we were for this sort of thing. We have a similar fashion sense and you can see her hands a lot in my photos, plus she's also an inspiring photographer (so some awesome ootd photos have occurred), and just starting out blogging and making her own jewellery :) we also watched the trend catwalk on the Vodaphone live screen and chatted the while way through which I loved- it's all about sharing ideas. Plus I introduced her to Somerset house which is stunning!

The trend catwalk is the only thing I've not got photos of- it's hard to get good ones of a screen, but there will be a few trend posts up (I loved the "Pretty in Pink" trend despite my usual aversion to pink). 

Below are a few snaps of what I liked for sale- I wish I wasn't so broke last week as I feel in love with pretty much every accessory brand I would have cane home with about 80 rings, 5 headscarves and a bag for sure. Plus a mortgage for the shoes I fell in love with. Fortunately neither of us could fit in the clothes but they were inspiring non the less. 

Charlotte Taylor had the best spot at LFWend, straight through the door of the West wing. Her prints are amazing- this parrot one is my favourite and put us in the mood to discuss holiday plans. 

Blond + Ginger collection was so effortless and timeless, this red leather collared dress really caught my eye :) 

Ukulele is a very playful brand and possibly my favourite one I saw, I love the caged Alice dress (I can image it hanging in my wardrobe) and the beautiful pearly denim jacket. Very grunge

House of Harlow (which shares the name of my home town) had the best sunglasses

Zoe Jordan collection was a great mix of boyish and clan elegant lines. Plus look at those exposed shoulders. 

 Markus Lupfer

I was instantly drawn a cross the room to this snake skin print top. 

From everything House of Holland had to offer my favourite was these nails. I already spotted them at the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge but I fell in love again. Me ans April spent a more than reasonable amount of time admiring them, our favourite being between these monster face ones if these monotone textured ones


Miista shoes are unbelievable. There so masculine and beautiful, and have this post war vibe about them. There was a lot to choose from but these contrast tip boots really caught our eye. 

 Meli Melo

I always though I was more of a big bag girl but these small shoulder bags by Meli Melo changed my mind. Look at this perfect leopard print number and the fringed beige one. 

Kat Maconie

Kat Maconies collection was amazing, I honestly wanted 80% of it but these shiny heels are in a league of there own! They cone in a few colours (look at the purple pair)! 

 Seven Boot Lane

The only thing I can say about Seven Boot Lane I'd they are ankle boot heaven. If your looking for a  pair go to the first.

I've definitely noticed M&S have used their game as of late, not only are they now my go to store for bras but their coat section is unbelievable. Their London Calling collection was fantastic, monotone and bright reds (like these fantastic boots) plus a mix of tartan, leather, soft fabrics and faux fur. 


Orit has an awesome boho vibe about them- this bracelet is perfect for layering.  

I didn't realise that Halo & co specialise in bridal wear until writing this post, now I want to get married. They have a wide range but these skull necklaces and faux fur collar are my favourite.

Maria Francesca Pepe creates such cool avant garde pieces her collection was surrounded by people (so it was hard getting photos) but how cute is this ring

Handmade wooden sunglasses- how Cool are these! 

 Emma Shipley

I've become addicted to headscarves all over again and Emma Shipley has THE best prints ever! 

 Tessa Metcalfe

I asked the question (that apparently everyone had asked) are these real pigeon feet? They're not they're cast from a mould but look how Cool this ring is! Her whole collection in UNBELIEVABLE!

Jessica Russel Flings illustrations are amazing- this make up bag is stunning.  

My Flash Trash 

My Flash Trash is a brand I've seen buy a from for a while, but I like more and more every time I see it. I love these monkey and eye rings. 

Wow. Everything looked fantastic and again it was hard photography wise because the collection was crowded with people. Headbands, combs and crown galore.  

As  a special treat (fir me ans April anyway) Maybelline and Tony and Guy both had areas demonstrating the trends catwalk looks I can't wait to recreate. All the staff were amazingly friendly and chatted to us fir ages, even when we walked round for a few hours and returned for April's nail appointment (the curse of working in healthcare meant I couldn't have them done) .   

Don't we both look happy.

Jodie x

Friday, 27 September 2013


Tuesday I had the sole plan to street style, watch a little of the shoes on the media screens at Somerset House and shop. It poured down! So after a few hours at Somerset House I skipped shopping and went home (I actually ended up stuck on a train between platforms for 20 plus minutes in rush hour).

Again I dressed for comfort (it was freezing) and went for a strange vibe- I honestly have no clue what was going through my head other than I wanted to wear a headscarf and my amazing studded bag kindly gifted to me the day before from La Redoute. 

Boots: River Island
Midi skirt: Boohoo
Crop sweater: DIY
Faux fur: Vintage
Headscarf: Thrifted
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Bag c/o La Redoute

Words cannot describe how amazing this bag is! Perfect size (I fit everything I possibly need in there including my camera) but the best part is its studded on BOTH sides!! Really it's amazing- I'm so grateful to the La Redoute team. 

The day before I got to check out the latest from La Redoute and I can't wait to share a proper post about it, but here are a few quick snaps :)

Jodie x 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Sorry this is late in the day, I've just got back from seeing Wheatus Play at the Square, my ears are slightly ringing, my throat is a little sore from singing and I've had too much fizzy pop. It was a good evening 

Monday at LFW again nearly didn't happen, after sleeping through my alarms and having a hair disaster (I woke up with it 5 times bigger and with 5 times more curls then what I went to bed with I finally got to London. 

I had convinced myself leaving Essex it was a warm day but the weather never followed me there, so yes I was cold. 

Jacket: River Island
Crop top: DIY
Skirt: River Island
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Primark
Earrings: Gogo Philip

Photos c/o Clares handiwork- THANK YOU! 

You might remember me obsessing over these Gogo Philip earrings and I just couldn't help myself- they're fantastic. I bought them hoping I could wear them to my sisters wedding (she wasn't impressed) but instead this was their first outing. Every one loved them :) I can't wait to wear them in Egypt round the pool (my friend also isn't impressed with this idea- I think it's jealously as she has stretched ears). I wanted the earrings to stand out so kept the rest of the look monotone- I wish I had thrown on a black jacket rather than my chilly leather but I love the pin-up vibe. 

Fortunately I wasn't too cold in London as Law (That's So Yesterday) looked after me getting me to try Pizza Express for the first time ever (very impressed with the veggie options) with Lauren (The Devil Wears Tartan), Sara (Waiste- who I had a little inner fanciful moment over), and Helena (Bell's Fashion); giving me the energy to crawl the cobbles with Clare (Rainbows and Fairydust)- who is a street style spotting machine and all round lovely lady for putting up with me, and introduced me to the lovely Florrie (Intrinsically Florrie), plus a brief hello to Kavita (She Wears Fashion)

Lauren with the Blackscore Models. 

As the sun started to set I was very happy to be heading to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge with Lauren (The Girl Who Stole London), Georgia (Supercalafashionistic) and Lucia (Style Confessional) both bubbly friendly girls to meet Laura (A Forte For Fashion) who was there doing her thing for La Redoute (the girls really got the word out and the new collections where stunning). 

Fashion Monitors lounge was a life saver! Straight away I was offered a cup of tea and popcorn :) everyone was beyond kind and ready to chat, plus it had an overall relaxed nature. There was nail art by Elegant Touch, plus a ton more beauty treatments (and the softest sofa ever). 

The day ended with Mexican and raspberry margaritas for Laura's birthday :) AMAZING day :) 
Jodie x