Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hi guys I'm still in Egypt so here is another scheduled post. 

Dress: Motel Rocks
Necklace: eBay
Bag: Primark
Coat: New Look 
Shoes: Mr Shoes

This dress I bought weeks ago when Motel Rocks had a deal on. I love off the shoulder numbers (I like giving everyone a peak of my tattoos- possibility only ones I show), and I love floral but I wasn't sure about the colours. I was worried it was just a little bit too white. 

I'm glad I bought it as I'm finding it quite fun to darken down :) style wise it's a great dress if a tiny bit short where it's lifted over my chest. I'm really tempted to add more to my wardrobe like this simple black number, cute rose dress, or the iconic dress. 

I wore it with my black boyfriend coat and the shoes where an after thought. I don't wear them nearly often enough- and only really with jeans so it was fun to mix it up. 

Hope you're all well. 
Jodie x 

Monday, 28 October 2013


Today is my best friends birthday and as we're in Egypt I am very much expecting up to be warning our liver for a night out in Soho square -unless our tour operator has warned us otherwise. We didn't see any danger in going to Sharm el Sheikh (which before we left was at 33°c) being in a tourist resort so far from Cairo but understood our plans could change. In fact if all goes to plan the scratchy throat I took there has worked it's way to the riots, everyone has given up their protest for something more peaceful with lakes of tea and I'm being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

I'm favouring simple black looks of late no I have awesome new hair, this being what I wore for a night out with my sister and our boyfriend/ husbands. 

Dress: Topshop 
Bag: Gucci
Boots: New Look

I'm still carrying my bag everywhere- it's like my child I love it and can't help showing it off at every opportunity- it was a bit of a disappointment when I didn't pack it for my holiday. I basically left it to do all the real work in this look, pairing it was my much loved "Babes in Toyland" style dress and over the knee boots which I can tell are going to get a LOT of use this winter. They're the perfect boots. Warm, comfortable, waterproof and nearly flat so Chris loved them as I don't tower over him and we can hold hands. 

I'm so glad I spotted Bojana (from Beeswonderland) in hers that cemented my idea to buy them. Personally I feel I made the right choice in my faux leather pair, but I was tempted to buy these leather stiletto heel pair for full on Pretty Woman potential, but I can't wait in flimsy heels. I also really liked these patent and suede pairs. 
Jodie x 

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Right now I'm in Egypt (£5 says I'm asleep on a Sun lounger) but I promised regular bloggy-ness. 

But because I'm away I can do something a little different and not constantly annoy (mostly Chris) asking for opinions; and shoe off a few street style snaps that inspired me from London Fashion Week s/s14. Like my outfit photos they're all un-edited (i prefer then that way) and I'm sorry I can't credit everyone but if you recognise yourself/ someone please let me know. 

A trend I will always be head over heels in love with is tartan and LFW didn't disappoint- but wow how inspiring it is! In my eyes it the print to wear next season. 

You can go all street like this utter babe who can only be described as "working it". She bounced into position for the photographer and then look at her stance. She's proudly wearing tartan. 

At the same time tartan can complete a chic and casual look like this lady in her tartan jacket...

Or think Babes in Toyland and layer up a tartan dress like Olivia (from Olivia Emily) in her grunge look.

I was ecstatic to spot these three girls rocking there checks in different ways- this couldn't be a better indication of hoe versatile tartan is. I loved all three- and I apologise to them for how eager I was taking the photo. 

Jackets, scarves, tortoises, dresses- tartan was everywhere. Where it grungy, go chic and sophisticated and add simple touches.
Jodie x

Thursday, 24 October 2013


So at 10am I'll leave my English internet addicted life behind for a sunnier climate in Egypt for two weeks. Right now I'm trying not to wee myself excitement of spending two weeks of fun and cocktails with my best friend.

Knowing I couldn't go without a safety net I've arranged a few blog posts while I'm away (if all scheduling goes to plan) and there will be the occasional IG image (@JodieMarieDavey) if you want to make yourself jealous.

Leaving on a high note does everyone notice something different? I have a new blog header!

After a few problems trying to get some help designing something simple, I decided to throw caution to the wind and commission the lovely Paige from Paige Joanna for something intricate and complicated (and therefor fully commit to something other than a tattoo).

I feel so sorry for her having to deal with me! Indecisive isn't a close enough description- but it's the sign of a true artist that manages to deal with someone so awkward (it wouldn't have went ahead without her suggestions) and create something so beautiful. Plus once a design was thought she was so quick!

Paige artwork is something I have admired for a VERY long time, it's beautiful and really speaks for itself so rather than waffle further her are a few of my favourite pieces.


You can follow Paige on her blog (Paige Joanna),  twitter, Facebook, Lookbook and if I've forgotten anything then I'm sorry.
Goodbye for now,
Jodie x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


It's so hard to concentrate on work when I keep thinking about packing for holiday when all I want to do is try on the clothes destined for my case. Even more so as after visiting the Waiste event Saturday my wardrobe had grown (thank you Chris).

I'm surprised I didn't walk away with a lot more as everything was stunning. Thank you so much Sara for inviting me!

Waiste might have made its name as a cult denim brand but it's evolving into so much more. There pop-up shop was the perfect introduction to their future- and can I say the best executed introduction ever. It was so comfortable being there the Sara and the Billetto girls where super friendly and bumping into Rhiannon, Law and her friend Trish was the icing on the cake- I've never been to a friendlier event. Not that denim was left behind, Sara had arranged an amazing denim customisation station (with the best mirror ever) so we could all take home a piece ourselves. 

It's hard to see how Sara transformed an empty space into something so her and showed of Waiste so beautifully in such a short amount of time. It was the cutest bohemian paradise, Sara's attention to detail made it perfect (even down to the make shift changing room being draped with throws).

Every item for sale was perfect (I was actually a bit jealous watching people go home with clothes that didn't fit me like an awesome green felt midi skirt and a blue velvet and lace dress). Brand wise it was a perfect example of care and commitment to Sara's ideal of where Waiste is heading. After much deliberation I walked home with a ring, necklace and lace cardigan for my holiday.

The surrounding was a direct comparison to the stock: funky kimonos, choice velvet pieces, lace, it was all beautiful and very bohemian. In hosting an event to represent a brand Sara had nailed it and I'm so excited for her in terms of what's to come :)

Jodie x

Monday, 21 October 2013


I have so much to do before I fly Thursday morning but I'm too excited! I'm really looking forward to packing today and repackaging and probably repackaging again. 

Saturday I went to the amazing Waiste pop-up shop at Dolston Pier in London. OMG!! It was unbelievable. It was like a little boho dream Sara done an amazing job. I can't wait to share (hopefully Wednesday at the latest). It was fantastic.

Afterwards I met a friend for drinks, which was fun (if a complete nightmare returning to Essex) finishing with Chris for cuddles. 

They were needed as even though I was still on a high from the Waiste event my night was slightly ruined as someone would not stop staring at my chest. I'm sure I'm taking it out of proportion and its not like he's the first creepy guy but I feel really bad about towards his partner (sorry sisterhood) and had to escape the whole experience. 

Leaving without challenging him make a me feel bad. Everyone stares and he's the first person I've not challenged. Worse feminist ever. 

Dress: Thrifted
Boots: New Look
Stole: eBay
Bag: Gucci
Necklace: eBay
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo, Links of London, gifts
Bandanna: Cuba

The stole I bought from eBay with a leopard print number after deciding I wanted a lot more fur this season. I was tempted by this black collar and lapel style one (also in pink) and this awesome cape but I knew I wanted to wear it with my boyfriend coat and the ASOS one looked a little short. Then again I still might get it to wear with my leather coat ;) 

My boots Chris kindly bought me (plus a voucher sent to me from the New Look PR team) after watching me lust over them online. I needed them after seeing Bojana in her thigh highs. I've been wearing them pretty much non stop. 

The crowning glory is my Gucci bag. I never thought I would own a designer piece so it was a massive surprise when Chris gave me it. It's strange carrying round something worth more than my car but it's just so beautiful. 
Jodie x