Thursday, 28 November 2013


Sorry I've been AWOL compared to the post overload last week, I've been feeling under the weather (totally due to the stress I'm under at work) and spending the rest of my full time planning the greatest uni application in history. 

Skirt: Vintage
Sweater: knitted by my nan
Snood: Primark
Jacket: Waiste 
Bag: Gift

It's getting a lot colder and although I desperately want to keep my tanned legs out length is adding to my layered look. So it's the return of the vintage maxi skirt obviously layered with my snood/sweater/jacket combo and my much loved Dr Martens. 

I tried very hard (despite Chris making constant Angelina Jolie jokes) not to do any weird leg poses but just show off the skirt but I'm afraid a lot of photos had to be deleted. Honestly can't wait to wear it again! 

But I'm not being funny but someone has seriously copied by vintage number as Missguided, Boohoo ASOS plus more have all git there own identical versions! Ha ha ha. 

Jodie x

Monday, 25 November 2013


I think I well and truly celebrated Chris birthday weekend and I'm paying for it today with an awful sore throat. But nothing beats walking with Chris around London (stopping off to watch the street performers in Covent Garden) meeting friends for a drink and a gig. Queens of the Stone Age where AMAZING!!! Best gig ever!

I can barely begin to describe the noise, Josh Hommes hips, the fact I knew almost every word/baseline/solo (honestly think it was a subconscious), or failing to clap Feel Good Hit Of The Summer because I was just too excited (cue retarded seal impression).

I left covered in been with neck ache from dancing and ringing ears but it was worth it (even worth the ruined clothes) but Chris enjoyed it more which was what it was all about :)

This is the only clear (over exposed) photo of us the whole day. He's so handsome :)

Major R&R is needed, and after reading Halimas review of Lee Staffords Breaking Hair Leave Me In Treatment I think that's exactly what I need.

Perhaps then I can give Megan's Dinglehopper DIY ago, a fitting addition to my increasingly mermaid like hair.

Finally I can't ignore Clares awesome Tartan Leopard look. Clare is the queen of print and colour and I love this outfit! I gave myself the task of mixing leopard and tartan myself after seeing this :)

This closely followed my mini task last week of blogging every day. Although I was proud of doing it I don't think I'm an every day sort of blogger. My content just wasn't up to my standards. I can't wait to share my other little challenges.
Jodie x 

Saturday, 23 November 2013


Today I'm off to London for the start of Chris birthday weekend (Cafe in the Crypt, museums and the QOTSA) and I'm so excited. Even though I secretly think Chris only wants to go to the crypt because I liked the tea and scones. He's going to be very spoilt :)

Plus its a nice excuse to get my uni application out of my mind. 

Boots: River Island
Denim Jacket: Waiste
Bag: Gift
Snood: Primark (similar here

The snood and denim jacket look is becoming a bit of a staple for me as of late; it's warm, cosy and makes me happy. I'm completely in love with the snood. Snoods are  thousand times better than scarves, there just thicker darkness closer to your neck without the worry of getting one end caught. I love snoods more than scarves and I need more. Need. If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present I love this knotted black one, and this red one (both from ASOS) and if you want me to be forever grateful I love this faux fur one (it combines the two best things about winter).

The one thing I don't like about winter is the darkness. I honestly don't see daylight from Sunday afternoon to the following Saturday morning (I work in a windowless building). As such I've decided to become a bit more creative with my outfit photos, trying to use my garden shed as a cool light source. 

I'm not 100% sure about the (I'm a bit squinting) but I like them otherwise, and its definitely something me and Chris will be plating about with. 

Has anyone got any tips for night time photography or flash recommendations? 
Jodie x 

Friday, 22 November 2013


I know it's a little bit rubbish having one street style post after another but I can't get my head around blogging at the moment. I get I know it's a little bit rubbish having one street style post after another but I can't get my head around blogging at the moment. I get half way through a paragraph and get distracted looking at uni things. I just really want to get in and until my personal statement is done I can't concentrate on much more.

BUT... I wanted to set myself the challenge of blogging every day for a week and I'm going to post today and tomorrow. 


I have  New found love for trousers post LFW. I know I'm a skirt and dress girl but I love them.

From the simple cropped jeans worn by Lauren (and her amazing Sophia Webster shoes)....

... to super cropped black numbers....

... to prints. I love them all :) 

Jodie x 

P.S. I actually have a post I'm a little proud of planned tomorrow (it's an experiment) as the icing on the cake for my week of posting to make up for anything I've personally hated about my posts being frequent. I worry I haven't put the same effort into them :( 

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Black last time, colour today. 

Colour is something that scares me. The ages between 12 and 17 I didn't buy clothes that wasn't black, up until I was about 20 I only bought dark colours. White is colourful in my eyes. 

But I'm always trying to do things I don't usually so I loved the bright looks I saw at LFW. I left and told myself I needed a pair of pastel jeans or trousers (pink as that's a scarier colour) after seeing this ladies pastel look.

This girls leggings are awesome! It encouraged  me to wear my Egyptian leggings while in Egypt with a simple vest and jacket look like her :)

Kayla is the queen of print clashing and looks just so cool :) 

Clare and Florrie was an absolute pleasure to meet (there so nice) and couldn't be further from my style but they're fantastic. I went home that day and told myself I have to gain there confidence -and you might not see me colour blocking in a bright green coat or surrounded by a cloud of pastel but I'm trying to get more comfortable with colour. 
Jodie x
P.S. the uni open day was exhausting. I need to completely rewrite my personal statement (and they only accept 54 people onto the course) I just hope I get in now as I literally can't imagine my life without it.  

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I have fallen head-over-heels in love with jewellery designer Tessa Metcalfe as of late. Her jewellery is stunning and so quirky I can't wait to own a piece myself (currently making the hard choice for my birthday present to myself). But jewellery isn't Tessas only talent- she's a taxidermist too (don't worry nothing dies by her hands). The mice jewellers she created for Baroque in Brighton are beyond cute! 

Look at them.

These two guys are by far my favourite.  

I know taxidermy isn't most people's "thing" but I've always loved anything to do with bones and anatomy and taxidermy- which is strange as I've been a vegetarian since I was 5. I think I'm just attracted to the "use everything" ideal. 

Seriously though you should check out Tessa Metcalfes jewellery. Especially her Pearl of London collection. I love this ring (pretty sure THIS is the one for me) and her claw earrings and this beautiful necklace. There all cast from pigeon feet (again died naturally) which are so amazing cool, inspired by finding the beauty in the gutter and her home town :) 

Jodie x

P.S. I just reread my previous post and realised I'm slacking- I didn't show you my other favourite pieces from Chelsea Doll! Sorry guys.  

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I have so little to do this week at work because tomorrow I'm off to a uni open day! I've actually only ever been to one before (when I already had my place at the University of Hertfordshire) so I'm really excited. It's at Anglia Ruskin university and I already know that's the place I want to go I'm just going as a formality and to ask for some advice.

I'm finding it impossible to write my personal statement- I just can't fit 24 years of my life into 4000 characters. I can barely seem to fit in what I've done in the last year work wide let alone at uni or out of work. I need serious help.

Necklace: Chelsea Doll
Shoes: Linzi
Sweater: DIY
Skirt: vintage
Bag: Gucci

So I admit I look rough in these photos. I was feeling rough. It was the Sunday before I left for Egypt and I honestly was exhausted. I can't actually remember if I had a face of makeup on. 

My vintage velvet skirt and the cut out sweater are probably my two most comfortable items and if I'm not leaving the house tends to be what I throw on. The skirt was a very lucky find on eBay and I honestly can't believe how perfect it is. 

My necklace I commissioned from Chelsea Doll and it is even more beautiful in real life. I just couldn't resist a blog named necklace- which obviously also doubles up as a mantra to always be my absolute most awesome self. Although it's small people notice it and ask and I tell them to follow its advice :) 

Jodie x 

Monday, 18 November 2013


I've spent my lunch at work actually planning outfits (!!!) As well as a ton of other posts, gaining a lot of inspiration from the street style I saw at London Fashion Week.

I love black looks but there just wasn't enough at the s/s 14 LFW. Although the ones I saw were the perfect mix of layered textures :)

All black looks always look so effortlessly cool, and this lady makes me long for a long black coat.

This blue haired beaut was like a machine street styling at LFW, I literally couldn't catch her for a quick chat. I can only presume she was photographing for something important (a magazine I hope :) ) and she was so professional. But I love her quirkiness (those cropped trousers) and her hair.

Layering leathers is something I have to copy from this kind lady. Watch this space as I'm seriously going to try this :)

I know this technically isn't an all black look but I loved her style and how her lips natch her hair :) 
Jodie x