Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Although it's hard to tell recently (thanks to a very old pc and a new incompatible WiFi connection) Be A Goddess had always been a fashion blog with ootd at its heart. Sharing my daily garb with every one has really increased my confidence these last 12 months. Living in a town (surrounded by many other towns) that is less then curtious towards my dress (which I will never understand) it's nice to share with others who appreciate it :)

It might not be entirely obvious but a lot of soul searching figured this year, and inspired by Megan and Paige I thought a end of year round up was the best way to show it. My outer appearance (shallow as it might sound) has always been the expression of who I am. I dress my outside to how I feel inside, so being uncomfortable in how I dress was the result of feeling uncomfortable inside. 

January * Febuary * March

The beginning of the year it seemed I lived in my Ragged Priest Beanie (which I honestly have only noticed writing this), desperately growing my hair. Crop tops where almost a daily occurrence or shorter than short slip dresses. I had attended my first full LFW, made a TON new friends, and in my personal life was pretty content. About this time I was receiving a lot of trolling/hate (February I recieved an annon comment pretty much every post) almost all weight related, some over my eyebrows (jealousy) but honestly didn't care. I felt most confident then. Inspired by Pamola Faith I dyed a blond streak through my hair (obviously the start of her inspiring me). Almost everything I wore at this point was either vintage or thrifted. 

April * May * June

About this time I started to feel extremely ill (something I played down on my blog) but pretty evident in what I was wearing. I pulled on the layers trying to keep warm. Looking back these are probably the best recieved outfits of the year on my blog, I was still showing off my legs but I had given up on my hair it seems choosing a messy bun nearly constantly (something my family loves). My blog photos really started to go up a gear. Thrifted clothes were joined with brands I loved for ages but never owned- such as my Mod Dolly pinafore  and Nikki Lipstick Dollcult tee

July * August * September

Mid year I completely lost myself, I know my blogging suffered and it was plain in my outfit choices. At 23 I thought I would have everything worked out for myself, being in a job I hate and spending a vast majority of 2013 sick (I actually missed days off work :0 ) I took it out on my appearance. These are probably the best of a bad bunch, the only thing of note I can say mid year is my sister getting married.  My hair was almost completely forgotten (I didn't use straighteners for nearly 3 months) and I constantly questioned my style. I honestly questioned stopping blogging but I didn't want to lose the friends I made.  The blond in my hair was dyed out. After being bitten alive mid in June which have scared my legs even today, I almost gave up with my appearance. My outfits where all "safe", "comfortable" and almost entirely normal. I didn't feel like me at all. People rarely stared at me in the street, the online hate disappeared but I hated my wardrobe. 

I set myself challenges to try and keep myself blogging (something I'll be doing more of in 2014) and I spent more on clothes then I did at any other point in my life. At the sane point I really invested in clothes like my Dr Martens sandals, contacting Sara at Waiste for a custom pair of dungerees and my beloved Buffalo Boots I wore neatly constantly in September. 

October * November * December

October I finally said goodbye to the ginger- the longest running hair colour I ever had. Returning to a less natural colour made me happy plus returning from Egypt, applying to uni and dying my hair made a big difference. I know it's silly but having purple locks made me feel like myself again- and I still feel like I have no style (really why do you guys read my blog). Finally these last few weeks I love my hair and take pride in styling it- something I haven't thought I would since saying goodbye to the pixie cuts.  Having good hair really has made the biggest difference. I bought clothes I would never try, and styles I had always been afraid of as I felt more confidence in myself- like my custom smock from Rhiannon at Vintage Style Me and my New Look knee high boots

December's look is the closest to feeling "normal" in months. Legs out, "grunge" but with a pin up edge. Maybe I have developed a style? 

Next year is going to make up for lost time. 
Jodie x 

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Christmas has seriously worn me out- I think I'm getting too old to drink and party for more than one evening a season. I need another break to get over this break. I've spent most of yesterday (and planning most of today) in my pjs, drinking this amazing English Rose tea from Whittards and blog reading with Chris watching bass tech videos on YouTube.

This tea is seriously amazing and a great excuse for using my tea-submarine (I rarely buy loose leaf tea)  I'm not going to lie I bought this tea purely in the name (I wanted to tell Chris I was drinking him as his last name is Rose and rose related jokes are my favourite hobby), but I am surprised with how tasty it is- I knew I would enjoy it but I didn't think I would this much. It's delicately floral and super yummy. Perfect blogging companion.

Like Wendy I have tees from the past I no longer seem to wear (it's the boobs) so updating them into halter necks seems a great idea. Therefore her DIY is perfect.

Although it's cool and rainy outside I love Emily's pink dress...

... and the more weather appropriate layered look from Sara (serious jacket envy) .

Jodie x 

Friday, 27 December 2013


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas- mine was awesome! I spent the whole 3 days with Chris and family, my sister cooked the best Christmas meal I've had in at least a decade and much laughing occurred. I completely forgot to take photos, and blogging went right out if my mind but I do have a little something to share. Don't panic it's not a haul. Although I see nothing wrong with them I know I'm blessed to have what I receive and don't like to compare (although you're likely too see them on the blog soon).

Christmas is the one time of the year that I actually have a few hours in the morning to get dressed as (this year) my mum woke me up at 6:30am. I didn't get home until gone 2am. So as a personal challenge I decided to spend a little extra time on my hair and try out a few new styles, completing the look with my Holly clip from Crown and Glory.

For work on Christmas Eve morning I donned a simple victory roll and high pony- and you can all see my "natural" work make up and brown tinted eyebrows (which I ONLY wear for work).

Christmas Eve night called for a which change for drinks and games with friends, so I ditched the tight pony and paired the roll with a messy bun, which ended with a very competitive game of snap.

Christmas Day (to wear with my beautiful silver Topshop slip dress) I choose to have my hair down with twin victory rolls. Lots of food and bubbly, me and Chris acting like one mind during Articulate, and laughing. One thing I have to ask- are we the only family who wait until after dinner to open presents? We didn't start until after 5pm.

Boxing day was "our Christmas Day" where my entire immediate smoothness together for lunch out and lots of champagne so called for something spectacular. I wanted something I can show off to my nan (she loves my hair) and I didn't disappoint. Plus having my hair off my neck was the perfect comfort for an afternoon filled with games- including a round of the Name Game where Chris guessed his character on the FIRST try.

Cue the most creative and difficult hair creation to date.

I honestly can't believe myself how easy I found this for a first try. It's a card or just using basic hair skills in a creative way. This is a little insight to what I've got planned fir the future of "Be A Goddess" I'm going to give tutorials a go, obviously starting on a few hair related ones.

How was everyone's Christmas? What do you think of my hair challenge?
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I hope you're all surrounded by friends and family, laugh and smile until you ache and all have a glass of fizz for me.

I'm forever thankful for everyone I've met through my blog, the encouragement I've received and everything I've learnt about myself and life. I know this is the season for giving and I'm thankful for every bit of support I've received in the last year.
Jodie x

Sunday, 22 December 2013


The one thing I love more than anything right bow is my new dress!! I'm actually planning to wear this Christmas day and its VERY creased from delivery (I'm not sure how to iron it safely so I'm going to ask my nan for advice) but it's so beautiful.

It's totally not me in colour- shimmery light silver is very un-Jodie like- but I feel in love with it at first sight. It's from Topshop and (if you follow me on Twitter you would know) I had a few problems buying it. It sold out completely, two days later it returned, I bought it and the order was cancelled (twice) so I took the risk and bought a size smaller based in the reviews it came up big. It does (by about two sizes) but that's actually a good thing and I've never owned any thing like it before!

I'll be honest and I was completely inspired to step out of my colour comfort zone by Clare (from Rainbows & Fairy Dust) and this particular silver number by Helena (of Bells Fashion) especially this post. I love her glitter-and fur style, I wish I could rock sequins like her but until then a little bit of inspiration has rubbed off. I love her latest look so I have to share :)

From one sequin look to another- Kayla looks amazing in her "Getting ready with Missguided look".

I've seen a few of these looks this past week or so but I really like the format of Kaylas post. I actually feel like she was getting ready- and the only New Years eve look actually taken in the evening. I guess I'm a little obsessed with the party season quickly approaching and can't wait to dress up over Christmas, and fancy dress it at New Years eve.

I always feel like I only ever hear good reviews of things, and wonder if blogging is a little bias, until I read Beckys post on the Pop Bands she bought. She was honest (so I'll not be purchasing a Pop Band) and one honest bad review is better than 50 good reviews.

Jodie x 

Friday, 20 December 2013


Sweater: Primark
Leggings: Primark
Boots: New Look
Earrings: Gogo Philip
Boyfriend coat: New Look
Bag: Gucci

I swear the hardest part of post writing is the start. Or at least it is for me. I don't want to post something void of personality and emotion but it's gets to the point where I realise my life isn't that exciting and the only notable thing is a hair cut. 

This outfit is something I wore just before my holiday- so note the pale skin and lovely summer evening lighting. The sweater us an amazing fund from Chris. I spotted its almost identical sister in H&M but not in my size and as it wasn't online after visiting 4 stores I eventually gave up. But not Chris- he was sure he had spotted something similar and found this version in Primark. The only difference is a few pounds in price, a little bit more over sized and a cool faux leather pocket. 

I love how supportive Chris is of my clothes addiction. 

I know I'm breaking the rule of "leggings are not trousers" but I can't help it. I only own one pair of jeans and one pair if trousers so I would much rather be comfortable. 

The bag does all the talking in this look but I wanted a statement piece of jewellery and my The Bohemian Collective bracelet was the perfect fit. I actually bought this in a sample sale of there's months ago but I had looked for the perfect cuff for ages. It's actually a shame there is no longer gold cuffs- but this, this and this in silver are equally as cool.

Jodie x 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


It's been a long time coming but finally here's my post on the AMAZING Sophia Webster presentation at London Fashion Week s/s14. It's hard to explain how absolutely fantastic it was, the mix of colour, the execution of the idea, the models behaviour, the music but obviously the shoes and bags. I will be forever thankful for Lauren for inviting me. 

Sophias presentation has been my overall highlight of anything I have ever seen at LFW. 

The idea was a sleepover in a florist sort of thing, giving the whole vibe a very relaxed but fun atmosphere. The abundance of floral wasn't over powering the models, with such statement pieces I think any thing less would have looked bare.

Katy B (and a DJ I have completely forgotten the name of) provided the perfect soundtrack- bright and fun- completing the whole experience. It all had a fun insect sort of vibe, very fitting to the floral and ladybird spot inspired accessories. 

The bits I loved the most were the beds covered in flowers were two beautiful models spent the time laughing a joking with everyone- at one point the even had a dog- making everyone feel at ease and like you were surrounded by friends at a sleepover. 

The slogans on all the clutch bags are inspired but my favourite piece has to be these "Queen Bee" shoes. I need them.

The models were the perfect choice. They were all so fun playing up to ANY camera be it the top press of just little old me. There were many a cheeky wink, pout and wave in my direction. 

This was possibly the most inspired and surprising thing, the shoes were used IN the flower arrangement. I looked over at a hanging basket and here a pair were!

If anyone knows we're I can pick up my own fluffy iPhone cover please let me know.

The whole presentation was perfect. Sophia, Lauren and the team done an excellent job it was the perfect showcase.

I apologise for how image heavy/ slightly blurry the images are I wanted to post about 4 times more it was an such an awesome experience.

The only downside- I can't afford it all :(
Jodie x