Friday, 31 January 2014


How beautiful is my Pip Jolley x Lisa Freemont Street dinky hair roller necklace?! 

Its stunning and superbly made from solid silver with white coating. - every time I wear it I'm tempted to put it in my hair. I own very little white because a) i only like pure white & b) I like black. 

This roller is like snow its so bright, and looks amazing contracting against all black looks, and goes with practically everything I wear (its actually became a struggle not to wear it). I'm in love. 

Pip Jolley is a brand I have obsessively stalked for over a year but only recently I purchased anything. The reason is I just couldn't choose what to buy- everything is so vintage-glamour with an edge. Its all a bit hard wearing and "tough". Even my Pip Jolley x Lisa Freemont Street dinky roller can't really be called delicate. 

Considering that all the jewellery is handmade by Pip herself arrived super quick (a lot sooner than expected in the week before Christmas) in beautiful packaging. (There was also a lolly that didn't stand a chance). 

It's going to be round my neck all weekend cheering me up. Which is very much needed after seriously hurting my back. I've suffered back pain for the last 8 years (thanks boobs) but it's never been this bad and I hate feeling weak as it wastes so much of my life. I'm considering trying either regular massages or acupuncture or something like that to relax the muscles. Has anyone any experience of either? 
Jodie x 

Thursday, 30 January 2014


I've recently bought and become obsessed with pomade. After Jennifer (from A Vintage Vanity- aka my FAVOURITE YouTuber) and Miss K (MissRockabillyChick) tamed their hair with pomade I made it my mission to find more.

Pinafore is a pin up/ greaser/ rockabilly essential, although men love it but women don't mention it quite as much. After a lot if searching (thank you The Rebel Rouser), I invested in this pomade from Black & White that I picked up in Boots. I will never style my rolls without it again. 

Its honestly become that much of a wonder product to me!!

The whole reason I invested in Black & White pomade was to create smoother hair and put a little bit of extra love into my drying locks. It does wonders to smooth down my rolls/curls and stop fly aways, avoiding the sticky/hardness of hair spray, and the greasiness of wax or serums. I use so little product (I literally wipe my finger across the product, rub in my hands and run over my hair) and as I do change my mind is easy to restyle without leaving a lot of buildup. As a wax based hold (better for thick and curly hair) it does wonders to tame, but still light enough not to be greasy or heavy and easy to run through my hair. Without pomade my hair looks like a fluffy matted roll, with pomade the hair is smooth and rolls and curls are defined. I also twist it into the ends of my pony tail so it looks less dry and smooth. 

Black & White has the perfect long lasting, smooth hold and shine. Its not a solid hold so I can't construct a victory roll/ bumper bangs with it alone but works perfectly with a bit of light hair spray. 

Ive also noticed an difference in the condition of my hair- its so much smoother and softer, and the ends don't look or feel nearly as dry. Plus leaves it with amazing shine. Black & White pomade is easy to wash out too (unlike some waxes and serums- and the biggest greaser problem with pomade) which is another plus to improving my hair.  

Plus the smell is incredible!! I'm being honest I want to eat it- its a delicious vanilla scent (far better than the MAC lip stick smell) that lasts all day. I've put this in Chris' lion mane and it helps tame his style (and wasn't just so I could snuggle up to him smelling like vanilla)

In short- if you're interested in vintage pin up rockabilly hair then give it a go and you wont be disappointed.
Jodie x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I can't believe its been two weeks since my last tutorial (!!) It doesn't feel like it to me, it feels like only a few days. But I'm very excited to show you another :)

Its another easy pin up hair do, but probably my most worn for the last month or so at work- the suicide roll (sometimes called the reverse victory roll). It literally took me 5 minutes to photograph this tutorial, and it might not be that quick to start but its honestly the quickest and easiest pin up look I do. It's so easier I don't even attempt to curl my hair for the roll.

If you find it easier to follow YouTube videos then my pick would be by either mylulu2 or Ginger Watson- although there are tons out there to choose from.

For this again I used a back combing brush, hair spray, and hair clips to secure, plus smoothed it over with Black and White Pomade- which is entirely your choice but I'm in love with how great an effect its had on my hair recently (which i will get a review up for you Thursday).

1) section of the front of your hair (your bangs). I find it easier to brush all my hair forward...

2) ... run the section down from the crown parting to hair line in line with the arch of my eyebrows...

3) ... brush it towards the other side if my head and repeat (if you find the roll is a little sparse /full take either a larger or smaller section).

4) then I tie all the back of my hair out of the way.

5) Lift the section above your head and back comb (I have quite thick hair so I don't back comb that much).

6) Lightly spray with hair spray and smooth over the hair lightly...

7)... and tease the hair so it falls to one side with quite a bit of volume.

8) Roll your hair towards your back/ head/ roll under (or anti clockwise in this photo).

9) Tease your hair as you go, and roll the bangs to your head.

10) secure with hair pins.

11) use hair pins to neaten up and secure the rest of your bangs (in my case to hide my fringe) and spray with hair spray.

12) To get a lovely smooth roll I then apply a tiny amount of pomade to my hands and carefully run it over the roll (it makes it look glossy and adds extra hold too) and style the rest of your hair as desired.

What do you think?

Again if you have any tips or constructive criticism please share, I moved further towards the light and held my spray a little closer this time- or if you want me to show you a particular tutorial them leave a comment :)
Jodie x 

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I've become a little Instagram and Tumblr obsessed this week constantly searching the hashtags for hair inspiration. I have yet to find the perfect pin up updo but I have decided this image was designed off me ;)

This week I'm definitely favouring lighter more pastel /holographic looks- a change from the black filled dark looks I wearing. This fun ballooned filled ootd from Clare is awesome...

... and Helenas styling in this fluffy number...

... and Kaylas holographic look.

I know I've been a little absent in my ramblings- its because I've once again spent the majority if the last week asleep. I'm just so tired ha ha. The only problem is I'm such an earlier riser so despite falling asleep at 7pm I was wife awake at 5am this morning.
Jodie x 

Friday, 24 January 2014


Way back in December I was fortunate to win one of Bespoke Brides 12 days of Christmas giveaways- a pair of Grace Kingsley nails. Before the giveaway I had never heard of her, but a very quick glance won me over to several hours of stalking through the website wandering what my one-of-a-kind set will look like. 

Really check out her designs they're unbelievable!  

I received this awesome metallic pair and I cant believe how detailed they are. The shape is a really nice change, I don't think I've ever seen a pointed pair if faux nails before.

I'm a mixed metal fan and these are beautiful little talons, plus they came packaged with a lot of attention (each nail is attached to a little foam pad). I cant WAIT to wear these! Being in health care my nails are ruined, and i can never justify painting and even think about growing them so these are really going to make a difference. Now I just need to wait until a suitable moment- either my dads birthday or LFW.
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Faux fur coat: New Look (similar in Primark and here)
Boots: New Look
Bowler hat: H&M
Bag: Gucci
Skirt: Vintage
Shirt: Topshop

Since meeting Clare at LFW (and reading Rebecca's blog) I've been inspired to mix and clash prints and colour. Granted most of my wardrobe is black, so this is actually really hard for me but I seem to have a lot of prints and when I pulled this shirt and coat out of my wardrobe I knew I had to give it a go. 

I really like the mix of leopard spots and floral. Me trying print clashing has been a success. 

It also gives me a good reason to wear my floral crop shirt (that doesn't get nearly enough action). It's fantastic but unfortunately sold out, but this, this and this one from Topshop have the same big floral pattern I like.
Jodie x

Monday, 20 January 2014


Halter neck top: Vintage
Short faux fur jacket: Vintage
Bag: Gucci
Loafers: Linzi
Snood and beanie: Gift

I said yesterday that I'll be posting an outfit with my latest colour addiction (pink) and here it is :) 

I said previously I'm not a big fan of jeans but these from River Island are different. They're the Molly jeggings and a lot thinner, softer and more flexible- to be honest a lot more like wearing warm leggings. But what really attracted me was the colour. Pastel pink. 

I'm not really a pink sort if person but looking at them in store they looked so unlike me they felt like they would BE me. I had to try them and instantly fell in love (if you're not a RI fit fab Topshop, Cheap Monday and ASOS sell similar pairs).

Like my Levi jeans I've got into the habit of hiding my freaky long legs with a cheeky pin up fold at the ankle, paired with a halter neck, faux fur and suicide roll I felt very relaxed-pin up that day :) 

This afternoon I'm at a job interview and wearing a triumph in pin up hair- does anyone else dress up super spectacular to impress at interviews? I'm hoping it improves my chances of sticking in employees minds and getting the job. 
Jodie x 

Sunday, 19 January 2014


I can't believe how excited I've been this past week about sending my university application off. I found a postcard my mum "filed" from one admission office and practically blinded my dog with it as I held it so close he was practically cross eyed. That's 4 replies down and now I should just sit back and wait for interviews rather than constantly check my status online hourly like I am doing.

This time round I'm so much more focused (making me wonder why such an important decision is left to 17 year olds) and with so much going on I need all the positive thinking I can get so this weekend has been about some TLC- including buying some Black and White hair pomade.

Ive had a little play and fallen in love instantly, I can already tell this is going to do good things to my hair.

My skin had been doing all sorts of nastiness this last fortnight (I don't know if its a reaction to something or health related) but reading Helen's breakout advice post came at the right time- I need to invest in an oil.

This week I've become a pink fan, and my favourite ootds have to be Zoe's faux fur goodness.....

...Law's pink extravaganza....

.... and Megan's Valentines themed look are excellent (plus I love Megan's holographic bag).

I'm ever so tempted to bleach up my hair to pastel pink all inspired by Adora BatBrat, who along with Cajsa Kurayami have become my girl crushes this week (they're make up is astonishing) and I love this photo.

My next post is going to reflect this pink love (up tomorrow) ;)
Jodie x