Thursday, 30 January 2014


I've recently bought and become obsessed with pomade. After Jennifer (from A Vintage Vanity- aka my FAVOURITE YouTuber) and Miss K (MissRockabillyChick) tamed their hair with pomade I made it my mission to find more.

Pinafore is a pin up/ greaser/ rockabilly essential, although men love it but women don't mention it quite as much. After a lot if searching (thank you The Rebel Rouser), I invested in this pomade from Black & White that I picked up in Boots. I will never style my rolls without it again. 

Its honestly become that much of a wonder product to me!!

The whole reason I invested in Black & White pomade was to create smoother hair and put a little bit of extra love into my drying locks. It does wonders to smooth down my rolls/curls and stop fly aways, avoiding the sticky/hardness of hair spray, and the greasiness of wax or serums. I use so little product (I literally wipe my finger across the product, rub in my hands and run over my hair) and as I do change my mind is easy to restyle without leaving a lot of buildup. As a wax based hold (better for thick and curly hair) it does wonders to tame, but still light enough not to be greasy or heavy and easy to run through my hair. Without pomade my hair looks like a fluffy matted roll, with pomade the hair is smooth and rolls and curls are defined. I also twist it into the ends of my pony tail so it looks less dry and smooth. 

Black & White has the perfect long lasting, smooth hold and shine. Its not a solid hold so I can't construct a victory roll/ bumper bangs with it alone but works perfectly with a bit of light hair spray. 

Ive also noticed an difference in the condition of my hair- its so much smoother and softer, and the ends don't look or feel nearly as dry. Plus leaves it with amazing shine. Black & White pomade is easy to wash out too (unlike some waxes and serums- and the biggest greaser problem with pomade) which is another plus to improving my hair.  

Plus the smell is incredible!! I'm being honest I want to eat it- its a delicious vanilla scent (far better than the MAC lip stick smell) that lasts all day. I've put this in Chris' lion mane and it helps tame his style (and wasn't just so I could snuggle up to him smelling like vanilla)

In short- if you're interested in vintage pin up rockabilly hair then give it a go and you wont be disappointed.
Jodie x


  1. ooh a product that works and smells great, this looks awesome thanks for the review!

  2. I really do love vintage hair styles, but I have really thin hair and they just don't work out on unfair!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Trust me back combing makes all the difference. With a thick fringe I'm a little thin up front but back combing makes a massive change.

  3. Iv always seen this product in boots & wondered what it did! My hair is quite fine so it sounds like the type of product that would create limpness for me but I know that amazing feeling of finding a hair changing product so was delighted for you reading this post

    1. Yes this product is a little heavier being waxy if used in excess but a little goes a very long way. Unfortunately having wild hair I long for fine tameability. A water based pomade would be better suited to your hair

  4. Oooh, this is perfect for all the hairstyles you do! :)

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