Friday, 17 January 2014


This week has gone from one high to the next. I received two job interviews, applied to university, received amazing feedback on my tutorial, and heard back from 3 uni choices! My next 6 weeks are packed. 

In that time there is also London Fashion Week :) I've applied for tickets and can't wait to hear if I have any. Even if I don't I know this season is going to be amazing- I can't wait to see my blogger babes. I know it might be a little silly but I've already started planning looks. 

I guess I'm using these last few weeks as a "lazy look" warm up, and wearing jeans! I'm much more if a dress and skirt girl- they're just more comfortable- but jeans are easy. I guess that's why I actually only own one real pair of jeans from Levi. I fell out of love with jeans as they never fit right but after spending an hour with the lovely girls in Levi I found the perfect fit:) 

Jeans: Levi
Jacket: The Ragged Priest (similar here and here
Halter neck top: Coast 
Loafers: Linzi (similar here)
Bag: gift

I've paired my Levi jeans with my Linzi loafers I've worn them pretty much every day for the last 3 weeks, and my new Ragged Priest jacket. This puffer is seriously the warmest coat in the world and makes me very happy, and the name "Dive Bomb bomber" makes me smile. I picked it in black so it would go with everything (it cones in green and burgundy) and I've worn it every day, plus I might have slept beneath it a few times. 
Jodie x 
P.S. what do you think of the black lipstick? It's always something I thought I would try. 


  1. love the 7/8 pants are really cool
    happy week end

  2. I love levi jeans ... I believe are the best in the world, I have a black lipstick that I have not used it, but wow you looks good! ... I think I'll try to use it too!...kisses!

  3. AMAZING missy, adore your bomber jacket! x

  4. Sounds like your week and weeks to come are super busy but so exciting! This look is super sweet! I love your cuffed Levi jeans and the way you styled them is perfect!


  5. lovely post and i love your shoes!
    anyway would you be interested to follow each other?? do let me know [:


  6. Your shoes are just perfect!

  7. Wow, way to rock the black lipstick, that is one bold makeup choice! I love how you go for it :)
    Also, congrats on all the highs - keep going!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. Awesome Pics Cool Keep it up