Tuesday, 14 January 2014


After much deliberation I've decided to do a few tutorials. I don't think I'll ever make the move to youtube (my speech problems multiplied by 10 on film) but I've decided to attempt a regular feature of tutorials every other Tuesday (working full time doesn't allow for much time in daylight). Plus when searching for tutorials I can NEVER find them like this which I find easier to refer too. A lot of people have been asking me about my hair, and I am in no way an expert in pin up hair but I seem to have the "knack". 

Starting off with the easiest look and one I wear most often. 

Think Marylin Monroe or (more modern) Dita Von Tease and their bangs. That lovely volumised sweep- that's what I am showing first: the s wave. 

(Sorry this photo is a little more exposed than the rest of the tutorial, I stepped closer to the camera for more detailed shots and so had more light).

These are the tools I used- a hot roller to roll, back combing brush (you can use a comb), a circular Bristle brush to smooth out the wave (if you prefer a different brush then do this is just what I prefer), and hair spray. I'm a long term fan of TRESemmé Freeze Hold but again it's up to you. 

1) Start off my curling your bangs/fringe section away from your forehead. It doesn't matter about the size of the roll but keep it consistent in size of the rest of your style. I hot rolled my hair so I left this on it the front, but you can use straighteners or a curling tong and when curled pin in place to cool. Give it a light spray with hair spray and leave until the last moment for the best curl. This is the perfect time to style the rest of your hair, put on makeup and drink tea.

2) Carefully remove the roller trying not to brush out the wave.

3) pull up above your head (it's easier this way), spray lightly with hair spray and back comb the roots. 

4) Spray again lightly with hair spray as and smooth over the back comb (don't brush it out just make it look neater)...

5)... and fold over your bangs using the pointed side of the back combing brush. 

6) Spray the wave with hair spray. 

6) Then to smooth out the wave brush with a circular bristle brush (this works better for me than normal hair brushes, back comb brushes and combs)  in the direction if the curl and tease the wave with your fingers. 

7) Spray with hair spray and tease into the perfect wave to kick out a la Marylin Monroe.

8) and enjoy! :) 

This is my first attempt and I need a bit of improvement: I held the hairspray too far from my head to see on the photos, the mirror is to the left of me so I kept trying to do things purely from memory so keep looking down, and I need a little more light. If anyone has any more suggestions please share. 
Jodie x  


  1. You look perfect in this style, and you eyes are very beautiful! xx

  2. amazing! thanks for the tutorial, they are clear and easy to follow. you look stunning as per usual x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. This looks stunning! I want to try it sometime.


  4. The tutorial is great and the style looks gorgeous on you! I made a few attempts to start making videos ... all failed miserably for some reason. Maybe I'm just lazy! Anyways ... You look great and I should probably try this hair too! :)


  5. I love it! you look bellisima! ... I think you could make a video tutorial without speaking, something like the old movies, with the written message and all!, would be very cool!...but I really liked that you dared to do it.

  6. oh love the loose waves here, very natural and ahhh so feminie and chic!

  7. This style looks so lovely! :)
    I can't wait for my hair to get a bit longer so I can try things like this!


  8. It turned out incredibly sexy girl! When I have time I"ll have to copy this ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. I love how you explained everything, this vintage look suits you perfect- you look gorgeous!


  10. fantastic! I l really enjoyed your tutorial of your awesome hair! Thanks for the step by step!


  11. Gorgeous!

    PS. We've a Manhattan Vintage Show on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!

  12. Absolutely amazing job - looks so good on you too :)xx

    The Belle Narrative

  13. Love it Jodie! You must do more :)