Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I can't believe its been two weeks since my last tutorial (!!) It doesn't feel like it to me, it feels like only a few days. But I'm very excited to show you another :)

Its another easy pin up hair do, but probably my most worn for the last month or so at work- the suicide roll (sometimes called the reverse victory roll). It literally took me 5 minutes to photograph this tutorial, and it might not be that quick to start but its honestly the quickest and easiest pin up look I do. It's so easier I don't even attempt to curl my hair for the roll.

If you find it easier to follow YouTube videos then my pick would be by either mylulu2 or Ginger Watson- although there are tons out there to choose from.

For this again I used a back combing brush, hair spray, and hair clips to secure, plus smoothed it over with Black and White Pomade- which is entirely your choice but I'm in love with how great an effect its had on my hair recently (which i will get a review up for you Thursday).

1) section of the front of your hair (your bangs). I find it easier to brush all my hair forward...

2) ... run the section down from the crown parting to hair line in line with the arch of my eyebrows...

3) ... brush it towards the other side if my head and repeat (if you find the roll is a little sparse /full take either a larger or smaller section).

4) then I tie all the back of my hair out of the way.

5) Lift the section above your head and back comb (I have quite thick hair so I don't back comb that much).

6) Lightly spray with hair spray and smooth over the hair lightly...

7)... and tease the hair so it falls to one side with quite a bit of volume.

8) Roll your hair towards your back/ head/ roll under (or anti clockwise in this photo).

9) Tease your hair as you go, and roll the bangs to your head.

10) secure with hair pins.

11) use hair pins to neaten up and secure the rest of your bangs (in my case to hide my fringe) and spray with hair spray.

12) To get a lovely smooth roll I then apply a tiny amount of pomade to my hands and carefully run it over the roll (it makes it look glossy and adds extra hold too) and style the rest of your hair as desired.

What do you think?

Again if you have any tips or constructive criticism please share, I moved further towards the light and held my spray a little closer this time- or if you want me to show you a particular tutorial them leave a comment :)
Jodie x 


  1. I never heard of a suicide roll before, but I do understand it! TreSemme products are on my list as favorite ones, I love them! The tutorial is very well explained, I may try it - only that without fringe I feel quite naked! Your makeup is amazing, so beautiful! denisesplanet com

  2. yay another tutorial! so handy, definitely bookmarked if I ever wanna try this hair do one day. thanks for sharing, oh and you are fricking stunning!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. Woah! I wish I could do my hair - I always feel like such a wreck!


  4. Replies
    1. To cover my short bangs I take a deep wide section to get enough hair and hide the short bits.

  5. you're a bombom!, I love the look of the hair on the roller, I want to try!

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