Saturday, 15 February 2014


I know this is a day late but I was so exhausted coming home that I could barely shower. Totally worth the exhaustion. I experienced my first ever solo show that I was seated (!!) at Lulu Liu (the oriental inspired catwalk was beautiful), then ran across London to the Fyodor Golan show. It poured down and I was so wet and cold, lost my hat 4 times and honestly felt like crying. Dispite that Fyodor Golan was totally worth it (pvc and iridescent galore) even after throwing a glass of champagne over my scarf! I cant wait to show you all both- they really were amazing :)

Then I met my wonderful blogger Friends Hannah, Kavita and Ollie in the Media Lounge. After drying off it was time for my favoirte part of LFW- some street style spotting with Hannah. The weather really seems to have driven everyone away this season, but it was great to meet up with Law, Lauren, Clare and Laura, and have a cheeky prosecco. Unfortunately I couldn't face the wait in the cold and rain for Ping He (the queue was massive) and much preferred a cocktail catch up with Laura. I was even super lazy and got a cab home from the station rather than wait for a bus.

Dress: Frank & Doll (buttons from Hobbycraft)
Jacket: River Island
Boots: River Island
Hat: River Island
Bag: River Island

I feel like my outfit was sponsored by River Island- which I have only just noticed. Its a shame I am so incredibly washed out and windswept. It poured down. I have owned this dress for at least a year but rarely wore it, mostly because I didn't like the buttons, after changing them I've worn it a lot. I think its my Evira/Dita Von Teese dress and it will be out all from now one. It's very booby (giving me some unwanted trolling from someone who's channel I can't remember) but I love it! Very pin up goth :) Day 2 was completely different.
Jodie x


  1. I think you look fabulous!, I'm glad you've met other bloggers, sounds exciting!, I would love to attend events as well!

  2. Gorgeous. Everything about this look speaks to me. Got to love the hat and the shoes too. Simply stunning girl!


  3. Great look! Love the blazer/coat


  4. wow! i can see by it's booby! glad u have wonderful blogger friends!

  5. I'm reading your post about London Fashion week! very interesting!
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  6. Wow, you look absolutely fab! :D

    Just so you know: I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. If you'd like to take part you can read more about it here. Otherwise, just know that I love your blog! :)

    Technicolour Dreamer

  7. Wow, you definitely don't look windswept at all, honey, you look amazing! So jealous of all these LFW posts, even though I live in London, LFW never works with my university schedule so I'm stuck in my university accommodation, staring longingly at everyone else's pictures ha xx

  8. Here's the trolling video, I'm on it too, he's such a weasel...