Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Today is a day of relaxing after my dog laying on the back of my legs all night leaving me with a backache, so I'm leaving the cobbles alone today. I've had such an amazing LFW!

Day 2 I saw both Xaio Li and was seated at Zeynep Kartal-  both which I enjoyed- and  spent the rest of the time on the cobbles. I was FREEZING! The dress I layered over all of my clothes was deceivingly thick. It felt a lot warmer on the hanger (and when I wore it at Christmas) than in the wind. A hot chocolate with Law, George and Deborah (after a brief time with Laura, Pearl, Clare, Emma, Robyn- who was wearing a very similar dress but looked a LOT warmer than me- and Epiphannie) was very much needed.

Dress: Topshop
Shit and bow tie: Vintage
Jacket: River Island
Bag: Gucci

Despite the cold I love my Topshop silver dress (which you can buy a similar one from here, here and here ). I was going to wear it  with nothing underneath but I went for a masculine edge the last moment with a shirt and bow tie. My hair was my greatest achievement on day 2 (a fair few people took photos of it) but I wasn't really feeling the rest of my look.

Today is being spent trying to write up all the other LFW related posts (and lots of scheduling) with a thousands and one tea and juice breaks in between.
Jodie x