Sunday, 2 February 2014


Thank you everyone who expressed there care about my back; after deep heat, hot water bottles, some questionably strong pain killers and a massage I can bend again! It hurts but as I have nobility back I cant complain.

Its left a lot of undone chores this weekend (that I'll have to make time for in the week) but on a plus I finally had my hair cut and dyed to a tasty blackberry colour (and developed a need for silly kiss faces). Its darker than anything I've had in years but it was needed for coverage. I had so much ginger in my hair the raspberry colour kept fading back to it. I get my hair coloured a lot but the upkeep needed was too time consuming, and I feel like ginger is in the past and didn't like the constant reminder. Out with the old and all that jazz.

This isn't its last stage my sister has promised highlights but I love it. In terms of posting its going to be a mix and match between the posts I'm going to show of old and new for the next few weeks.

Although I'm tempted to buy these body shop hair chalks reviewed by Jessica (from A Little Bit Of Jessica In Your Ear), I've seen a few people give them a go but as Jessicas' hair is a similar darkness (although a different colour) I needed her review!

Unfortunately after reading Stephanie's (from Stephaniejw) review of her double sole DMs I want them too.
Jodie x 


  1. Glad to hear your back is feeling better! That's one of the worst spots to be in pain. Anyway, love the deep purple color!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I am glad you can bend again! But I hope your back will get totally better soon. Lovely hair colour, love that you can pull off anything! Loving this double sole DMs too xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. I love those shoes so much!!!
    And your blog, too!

    Kejmy ♥.

  4. if u get those shoes i am soooooo goina be "borrowing " them hee hee

  5. Aaaah i want the docs as well!