Friday, 28 March 2014


I'm (at times) the most indecisive person on the planet so much so I often think the reason I've been vegetarian so long is because I hate picking food off of menus. In my mind I like everything equally. For months I've been scrolling through every item on Crown and Glory's site in the search of the "perfect hair piece". Something the will compliment my new favourite feature, but there was just so much choice I wanted it all. 

I honestly think Sophie had the floral mystery box idea with me in mind. For £20 I'll get a complete surprise worth £50- how could I go wrong? I didn't know exactly what I was going to get with the possibility of one off samples was something I couldn't resist but I didn't know how perfect the box would be. Honestly WOW!! 

I was expecting maybe one floral crown, a medium sized clip and something else so when 3 crowns arrived, two clips and a comb I was shocked. Plus look at how perfect they all are! 

When I first saw these poppy hair clips I thought they would he my favourite; singly the pretty big and would go perfectly as a causal clip in my hair, but (as the clip is a tough crocodile clip) they layer up beautifully (I'm planning to wear them like this soon). But they where outstripped but this floral comb. 

I've searched and searched on C&G but I can't find anything like this- this is a one off sample!! Why!? 

As soon as I slipped it into my hair (which was a mess at the tine) I fell in love. I don't know if its just the mix of flowers, or the comfort of the comb but its the exact hair piece I needed to add to the waves I've been rocking recently. (This is why I thought Sophie had the boxes with me in mind).

In the box was 3 crowns- the ivory Lotta Rosie head band, what I think is the sunset anenome crown, and another special little purple number. 3 very different pieces that creates very different looks. 

I cant wait to experiment with all my pieces. :)

If you're thinking about updating your hair for spring, want a treat or like me are super indecisive seriously consider one of the Crown and Glory mystery boxes (that cone in the Floral theme, as well as VintageGlitter and mixed).
Jodie x

P.S. if anyone has tips on how to store crowns that would be great, as there currently wrapped up in a box on top of my wardrobe and would love a better view. 

P.S.S. I'm currently struggling under filling out my student finance forms- if anyone has any advice what so ever please help me! I really don't want to work myself into a grave this time round so I'm trying to apply for a loan but I'm really lost at what I'm eligible for. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


These photos are old (I think they might have been taken before the new year) but this look isn't old. Its been worn and re worn a lot as its just so easy. Layering up a sweater and dress with a beanie is the description of lazy. 

Drees: Camden Market
Loafers: Linzi
Sweater: DIY
Beanie and snood: Gift
Bag: Gucci

I officially LOVE circle skirts and circle dresses, I seriously am beginning to struggle to wear anything else. Therefore its entirely justified if I buy more halter neck dresses right- possible these black, polka dot and floral numbers from Vivien of Holloway. 

I feel like I have nothing more to say, so I'm going to keep it short and hope everyone's having a good week so far. 
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Something I hardly post on Be A Goddess is me in glasses. Ive worn them for the last 6 years but (as I'm short sighted) I don't wear them to drive and generally walk about so they're always missing from my outfit posts. Saying that I've started to get a LOT of headaches so I'm wearing them almost constantly (my job involves a lot of close work) that is when I don't put them down at work and leave them there (one of the main reasons I've been blogging so rarely as I cant stare at the screen any more). 

Needing a change in prescription (and finally encouraging Chris to get his eyes tested) I wanted a completely new style. Weeks ago I was fortunate to win Laws London Retro glasses giveaway, and after much deliberation I finally picked a pair. These beautiful Eliza pair. (I'm not lying when i say it was a hard choice, I fell in love with the Babs pair too and might have to buy another.) 

The Eliza pair are stunning, I love the cat eye shape (perfect pin up style) and the fact they come in purple means I could match then to my hair :) my previous pair was black and I felt I've outgrown a monotone life a bit so these are perfect. Plus they came super quick to my door in a really cool case- something I needed as I lose a case almost as much as my glasses, so having something so unique means people give it back to me. Although I received mine free the price is totally reasonable too (roughly £79 a pair).

I seriously told myself I would have 1 sensible selfie to show off these glasses but I couldn't find the "perfect" shot so ended up just pulling stupid faces.

I actually prefer them.

Today is being spent finally catching up on a months of chores, clothes are being altered, blog posts are to be planned, photos are to be taken and student finance is to be attempted to work out (I'm a little bummed I cant qualify as independent as a means tested bursary is super hard to qualify for).
Jodie x
P.S. I've only just realised how booby these photos are :D not a bad thing in my eyes.  

Sunday, 23 March 2014


This week has brought me the greatest news, and although my personal time is short I've still found time to celebrate (including now waiting for my tasty vegetarian Yorkshire pudding feast). The reason to celebrate is I'm officially off to university! Despite being 6 weeks early and not yet finished their interviews I've got a place on the course I want! They must seriously have wanted me. FYI the course I've applied to is super competitive so I was super shocked to be given an offer so early.

The only down side is they offered me their other campus which is a little further away then the other uni I interviewed at bit its still great to know I have a place :)

I've started my finance applications too (another shock is I actually qualify for a student loan!) and I'm looking at ways to cut down my spending already. This much be why I've been attracted to DIY posts this week, especially this awesome Circle skirt by Annika from the Pineneedle Collective...

... and this cute mug by Katie from Coeurs De Foxes.

Normal posting WILL resume next week.
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Sunday is becoming my only day off and the only time I see Chris, I miss him but it makes the time we spend together more special. Last weekend we decided to have a picnic (a very Quorn heavy picnic) at Hatfield Forest and take a few strolls around the lake.

It was beautiful, and the first warm day we've had, so I put on my DIY tights I made with Pinned It Made It at #VCSwapShop14. 

Tights: DIY
Shorts: Topshop
Bag: River Island

I really like these tights but I'm a little lost of how to wash them. My present an is just to hand wash small sections at a time but if anyone else has advice please let me know. 

This was a thrown together outfit- totally comfortable (hence the glasses) but not exactly amazing to look at. The tee I bought at the Circus Of Horrors show in Harlow (oh my God it was amazing!!) and the shorts I bought in the sale in Topshop. I love the cosy high waisted-ness of them. I can see myself in them all summer paired with various t-shirts, especially my Horrors one (is it ok I really want to see them again and again and buy the official tour top and  the midnight tour tee too?)  

Following my successful interviews I received a VERY exciting email from one of my choices- an email and phone call later and its looking very promising. I don't want to jinx it but it sounds very much like I'll be offered a place :D 
Jodie x 


Nearly  month ago Law kindly invited me along to the Swap Shop- and with a wardrobe bursting at the seams it came at the best time :) I had a blast, and it really cheered me up post LFW as I miss my blogger friends. It was lovely to see Law, Emma, Clare, Debbie , Hannah and Kayleigh and finally meet the lovely Becky, Paige and Lucy (and I've forgotten anyone I'm sorry).

Photo from Voucher

I can't believe how many beautiful things people bought to swap, like the beautiful mustard Aztec over sized cardigan I walked away with (and how much I hate my chest for not allowing me to bring home more). I kept demanding to see what everyone had picked up as I love shopping.

Fortunatly for me I was fuel by a delicious graptini and elderflower cocktail, and some awesome Mac and Cheese from Mother Clucker as I had come straight from a shift post uni interview, and a lot of sweets helped too.

Probably my favourite part if the night was a joint first by the amazing hat creations from Twistina and creating my own DIY tights courtesy of Pinned It Made It.

Sorry this is so photo heavy but a big thanks to
Jodie x 

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Finally my working week is over and I had a day to relax with a picnic and walk around Hatfield Forest. In addition all my uni interviews were over and now I just have to sit back and wait for offers- which after my interview Thursday I am sure I will receive. I was beyond confident and felt like the interviewers really liked me and were impressed. Plus for an interview that was usually 15 minutes I was in there chatting for at least 45 minutes.

The only down side is I think everyone else there didn't like me. I guess they can't handle a confident 24 year old woman.

Everyone was either friends or had been to similar interviews together (I'm Essex based so I hadn't seen anyone before) and wasn't impressed when I said I was offered an interview at a London uni that I turned down (apparently a lot of people never passed the assessment) and post interview (I was the first) I came out and chatted about the questions and no one even said thank you. Ungrateful.

This week I've strengthened my love of A Vintage Vanity, and after watching her foam roller tutorial I bit the bullet and bought a set myself.

They're actually REALLY comfortable to sleep in (imagine your head ATTACHED to pillows) and I love the effect they have. Seriously becoming my favourite hair do and I rushed home yesterday just to set my hair last night.

Pin up is really becoming my thing, and mixing it with a more relaxed grunge wardrobe is slowly evolving my style. Last weekend I received this amazing leopard print phone case from Iconemesis which has fit into my life perfectly. Not only is it beautiful (and yay for the protection) but being leopard print it helps spread my "vibe" at work where I have to wear a uniform (even if I'm wearing my dresses more often pretending I'm Dita Von Teese).

Blogging has taken a MASSIVE back seat and I haven't read a single post all week!! So guys what have I missed?
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Finally I'm sharing the beautiful addition to my right hand- my new silver Pip Jolley Made In England roller ring. Ive worn it every time I've gone out and I recon it will help get me my interview tomorrow. I've really tried to keep it under wraps until I posted this to save the surprise but now the flood gates are open. 

Since my early 20s I've strayed towards gold rather than silver but Pips creations are out of this world and completely changed my opinion on silver. Everything shes created is stunning. Its all so Essex-Pin up and totally awesome! 

I love this ring for three reasons. The first is its beautiful and such a unique design, the and because the little teeth are super cute and i like to cheekily brush my hair with it. Its got the opposite effect that my Gold ring from Tessa Metcalfe has, on its own it looks super delicate and elegant but appears a lot more chunky once on my hand. I really like that effect it has.

For something handmade I can't believe how affordable it is (plus I bought mine in the sale). The lovely addition to buying from Pip is she offers care once the silver starts to wear. Which was an unexpected touch when I ripped open the box.

The one tiny problem is that its so wide it comes up a little small, so order a size up :)

Jodie x 

P.S. in case you're wondering the blue flower ceramic box was hand painted by patents in Mexico. 
P.S.S. I have my second uni interview tomorrow and although I feel confident about the last I'm upping my game- wish me luck. 

Monday, 10 March 2014


This weekend is the weekend me and Chris celebrated our anniversary (as we can't actually remember when or how long we have been together) and decided to go to Saffron Waldon. I've never been to Saffron Waldon before and its the most beautiful little market town. All the buildings are so cute, the town centre is surrounded by green areas and theres even a market (that sold the most amazing veggie pastry and cake). What we really visited Saffron Waldon for (other than the nice walk and charity shops where I picked up another copy of Animal Farm) was to have afternoon tea at Kims.

It was such a nice day and after choosing a seat in the sun OUTSIDE we stripped off our coats to pick our lunch. They had like 30 teas (I ended up picking "Iron goddess of Mercury"- a lovely Chinese oologn tea) and paired with a scone and clotted cream and jam I was in heaven. I'm glad Chris fancied coffee as I only half heatedly offered to share my tea with him.

I'm not going to lie, that scone was the best thing I've ate in months- no other scone comes close. 

I felt like I had the perfect dress for the day (I was aiming for sophisticated and sexy) and after finally getting my hands of the Regina Doll dress from Collectiff I knew it was the one. I was looking for  one in black for months after Georgina (from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust) raved about it and I can see why.

Dress: Collectiff (found on eBay)
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Linzi

I'll be 100% honest this dress does not like my boobs! The material kept slipping on my bra so I will have to rethink the underwear next time but as it was black I was quite happy to flash a little. Plus I don't think it alters the silhouette of the dress too much. It's sold out in black, but it's still available in red in the flared style (as well as this awesome cherry print) and as a fitted pencil style.

I paired it with flats for girlyness and my favourite jewellery. As I was going out for tea my new hair clip form Drown Soda seemed appropriate (it also comes in plain red). I love it, its on a heavy duty clip so didn't slip all day, and is the perfect size.
Jodie x