Sunday, 2 March 2014


I apologise for being AWOL this week; a combination of personal issues, feeling crushed under PCOS symptoms (plus dreading my hospital appointment tomorrow) and end burning the candle at both ends have left me exhausted. I feel super low and lonely and haven't felt like doing anything.

My Drown Soda order arriving has been a rare highlight-and Nat kindly included the CRAFTY necklace. It is perfect for me it really has touched me and I've worn it every day since it arrived. 

I've been really slack with reading blog posts (which I have has only added to my bad mood) but I think my favourite posts this week are very accurate in the things I love. I'm a biscuit fanatic and this Oreo cake pop recipe from Bespoke Bride has filled my mind with all sorts of ideas...

... and Claire's (from Bee Waits For No One) LFW look  was the perfect reminder of LFW fun times. I really miss by blogger friends. 

Jodie x 


  1. Ahhh the oreo pops are very lovely! I love the DIY things in this post. Btw hope you feel better soon :) xx

  2. Ah Jodie I hope you feel better soon, I sometimes feel lonely and have been feeling so recently. By Grandad passed away a few weeks ago and now I have no grandparents, it makes to world seem a lonelier place. You're a lovely girl and I bet so many people love you, don't you forget it!
    Love the necklaces, get that Goddess one on around your neck and go work it like I know you can.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  3. They are amazing!!! I'm going to have to get onto the Drowned Soda site. I've been buying cheap necklaces from China. Need something a bit different.
    Hope you feel better soon xx

  4. Whoaa that sounds so great! How lovely!

    XO Imke