Sunday, 16 March 2014


Finally my working week is over and I had a day to relax with a picnic and walk around Hatfield Forest. In addition all my uni interviews were over and now I just have to sit back and wait for offers- which after my interview Thursday I am sure I will receive. I was beyond confident and felt like the interviewers really liked me and were impressed. Plus for an interview that was usually 15 minutes I was in there chatting for at least 45 minutes.

The only down side is I think everyone else there didn't like me. I guess they can't handle a confident 24 year old woman.

Everyone was either friends or had been to similar interviews together (I'm Essex based so I hadn't seen anyone before) and wasn't impressed when I said I was offered an interview at a London uni that I turned down (apparently a lot of people never passed the assessment) and post interview (I was the first) I came out and chatted about the questions and no one even said thank you. Ungrateful.

This week I've strengthened my love of A Vintage Vanity, and after watching her foam roller tutorial I bit the bullet and bought a set myself.

They're actually REALLY comfortable to sleep in (imagine your head ATTACHED to pillows) and I love the effect they have. Seriously becoming my favourite hair do and I rushed home yesterday just to set my hair last night.

Pin up is really becoming my thing, and mixing it with a more relaxed grunge wardrobe is slowly evolving my style. Last weekend I received this amazing leopard print phone case from Iconemesis which has fit into my life perfectly. Not only is it beautiful (and yay for the protection) but being leopard print it helps spread my "vibe" at work where I have to wear a uniform (even if I'm wearing my dresses more often pretending I'm Dita Von Teese).

Blogging has taken a MASSIVE back seat and I haven't read a single post all week!! So guys what have I missed?
Jodie x 


  1. Man, I would really love to try some foam curlers. I wonder how my hair would take to them...haha you never know with my mane!

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