Monday, 28 April 2014


Someone please take me back to Bournemouth- I'm not ready to accept my favourite holiday is over- so much so ive been in a permanent sulk since returning to Essex Thursday and have only just summoned up the energy to blog. 

We spent the first two days walking round Bournemouth town and the sea front, with cocktails at Harry Ramsdems and FAR too many hills. I ended every night in a hot bath at our Premier Inn and started with a MASSIVE veggie breakfast- it was lucky there was so many hills or we wouldn't be fitting in our clothes. Fuelled by the greatest coffee ever at The Espresso Kitchen (coming from a caffeine free tea drinker). We could really tell their passion for coffee, it smelt amazing in there and was delicious, plus has an awesome retro surfer feel with boards on the ceiling and cute pots of sugar.  

I also learnt I'm a bit of a dab hand at arcade games, and got to waste a lot of tine on the 2p machines, I rarely won I just like the game. If you've never played them I feel really sorry for you as you missed out.

My highlight was seeing McBusted perform at the BIC- the perfect venue. I don't want to spoilt it for anyone but it was AMAZING!! They're first song was a complete surprise, they played all the favourites plus a few surprises, and only one slow song. If you're yet to attend you're in for a treat- but be prepared for your ears ringing afterwards from screaming and feeling like the oldest (and tallest there). To thank Chris for taking me we spent the following day painting tiles at Poole pottery and if you're planning to attend you'll be there all day (and they have the best chocolate milkshake) and was worth the drive through streets worse than London- I don't think I've ever driven round worse designed roundabouts.

The one thing we couldn't do without leaving Bournemouth was go up in the Balloon. Chris visited Bournemouth as a kid but we had a completely different experience together, spending most of it walking about, seeing the town and going up in the balloon (his dream after missing out on it all those years ago). I really recommend going up on it (but take  jacket as its freezing up there) but really educational- apparently the The royal Exeter Hotel was originally the first holiday home in the area built in 1810 . I really liked the way looking right over the edge made me feel like a giant and a little bit sick.

I'm not saying Bournemouth was the most beautiful town (some was really run down) but something about the sea air made us feel fantastic- something we very much miss back home.

This is the only photo me and Chris got together.

It really was the best 4 days ever, and leaving Chris to return to reality is heart wrenching. I'm not looking forward to sleeping on my own tonight :( I'm officially jealous of everyone who lives with their partners. Being back in reality sucks, but at least I've returned with a new found gusto for life.
Jodie x 


  1. Looks like you had such a nice time! I love Bournemouth beach in the Summer xx

  2. that must be a great visit, so many to do there! the photo of you two are just cute, sorry that you miss him very much.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  3. Just the pictures from the ballloon made my stomach go a bit! Wurgh. Looks amazing though, what a view

  4. It sounds like such a lovely holiday, I love everything about seaside towns! I'm going to be spending a lot of time in Southampton this summer so I'm hoping to take some day trips across to Bournemouth to see the sea! I've not been before so I'm definitely going to be checking back to this post for things to do when I'm there :)

    The photo of you and Chris is so cute, looks like a proper holiday snap to be framed! :)
    emmerliejay x

  5. I'm up in Scotland for 10 days with Scott, which is the longest we'll have spent together since September! I really miss living with him so I know how you feel. Glad you enjoyed your holiday! x