Monday, 7 April 2014


Today is the 5 month countdown to me attending Uni!! I'm so unbelievably excited but its been a stressful week building up to this point.

After finally deciding Uni A (working in my home town with colleagues Ive worked with before) won over Uni B (who's tutors where amazing). I know I will get excellent support on placement at Uni A, and hoping that after another visit at the end of the month will prove the tutors are just as friendly as those at Uni B. I've cemented this idea by emailing Uni A asking if I can be a student blogger.

Plus if I go to Uni A I can ride a bike to work, and the possibility of a beautiful new bike is too appealing to refuse.

I feel like my outfits lately are a lot closer to the mental image in my mind, I fell like a caricature of myself and that makes me happy. My petticoats where the greatest things I have ever bought- they just give the perfect level of volume to my skirts, something that I don't notice enough until I photograpth it.

Top: Vintage (similar here and here)
Petticoat: eBay
Skirt: Topshop
Hat: River Island
Belt: New Look
Phone case c/o Iconemesis

Does leopard print count as a neutral because I hoesntly feel likes it goes with everything. I think its replacing black as my favourite colour. I am forever thankful that Iconemesis sent me this awesome phone cover.

I wonder if I could buy a leopard print bike? Or a leopard print pencil case for Uni?
Jodie x


  1. You are such a babe. Love these photos! x

  2. You really do rock the bombshell look!
    Love your cute dress and hooray for starting Uni soon!!! Ahhh, so exciting :D

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Love this outfit - Especially the skirt :)

  4. I'm a total whore for leopard print, I love it too much!
    I am just drawn to it unreasonably everywhere and anywhere!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. love your hair!!

    xxx Anna
    JOIN THE Yukojewelry GIVEAWAY!!
    A Tale of Two Shoes

  6. you're a GODDES!, you look so gorgeous!, the hair, the dress, lovely!

  7. <3 I've nominated you for The Liebster Award see here cant wait to read your answers xx

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