Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Jumpsuit: Topshop
Bag: Vintage (similar here,here and here)  
Shoes: Linzi
Belt: New Look
Cardigan: Vintage
Head scarf: Vintage

I would like to introduce my two new obsessions in my life- my vintage wicker bag and awesome new bracelet fromJolley. I've obviously already mentioned the bracelet but as you're all going to be seeing a LOT of it (as I can barely take it off) I thought It deserved another introduction. 

I've previously shsred my Pip Jolley roller necklace and Made In England Rina but Ithink this gold Rollerette bracelet fits into my collection nicely. Although I'm feeling maybe earrings would complete the collection (or another bracelet or two). 

I love this jumpsuit (who wouldn't love glittery velvet) but I wasn't too keen on how I shared it previously on Be A Goddess so I feel likee this is the first tine Ive shared it. I always seem to wear it this way- even with the cropped legs as my legs are freakishly long in comparison to Topshop clothes. I feel like it's one if those item of clothing you can wear anywhere- including with 3 day old foam roller wet set hair (which in shocked looks half descent).

I'm really looking forward to wearing my clothes more often come September- I miss wearing them Monday to Friday in exchange fir my work uniform do one highlight if being a 25 year old students(which is a little depressing) will be getting to wear my pretty clothes again.  Which -fingers crossed- will feel extra good as I've applied to model at Plus North! Sometimes i have to look at my life from a backseat to believe in actually living it. 
Jodie x 

Friday, 23 May 2014


I have a pretty decent food baby going on in these photos- but who doesn't on a Sunday afternoon? Honestly I'm surprised this skirt (I picked up in Forever 21 in New York) still fits. 

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Bag: Topshop
Jacket: DIY
Hair comb: Crown and Glory
Shirt: Primark
Shoes: Linzi (similar here

I'm really trying to do colour (other than black) but it feels like I'm stuck in a neutral rut (because leopard print is a neutral). In an attempt to rotate my wardrobe better I completely reorganised it this afternoon, and have two sacks for charity and a box I'm going to sell on Depop (which I'll be updating). The best bit is now I have massive sections devoted to items. I'm liking my petticoat section.  
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Dress: Topshop (similar here and here)
Boots: Topshop (similar here)
Bracelets: Links of London, Thomas Sabo, gifts
Necklace: Pip Jolley
Bag: River Island
Headband: Topshop

After meeting Robyn at London Fashion Week wearing a silver dress with amazing black additions (a wide brimmed hat, kimono, boots and jacket) I knew I had to take inspiration from her look. So I mixed silver with black for a warm spring look, my comfy faux leather jacket and velvet ankle boots. 

Feeling overwhelmed with my hair I hid it in a beehive adding the studded head and to both give it an edge and make it more girly. Clothes can totally do that right?

I can't wait to wear this dress more in the summer months, I'm defiantly turning into a dress person it's actually a bit hard figuring out what to wear riding my bike( which is still killing my bun so I'll be following Gems advice and investing in a gel seat as no suspension and pot holes do not make a good mix).
Jodie x
P.S.  I apologise fir not looking at the camera- I was feeling awful this day and exhausted.

Monday, 19 May 2014


My weekend has become totally centring by my new bike, and despite the lack of suspension crippling my bum I love it so much.

I can't wait until September when I can ride it every day (even though I've been on it 5 rides since Saturday). Its 1000 times worth the bruised and numb bum.

This week I have become obsessed by smoothies and infused water, I can't stop trying new recipes and attempt a few iced teas this week :) If you have any please share.

Rubbing off on me this week are creative posts, from Sandra is her clean rafaello bonbon recipe...

... and Ali's new venture: a department comic I cant wait to see more of :)

Jodie x 

Friday, 16 May 2014


Playsuit: Collectif (similar here and here)
Sheer jacket: Charity Shop
Bag: River Island
Loafers: Linzi (similar here)
Sunglasses: Gift
Headscarf: Primark

I don't care how revealing this playsuit is  on my boobs I love it- and I'm so glad I found it on ASOS Marketplace. I can't wait to start wearing it in the proper summer without tights, hair up, bare feet and sitting in the shade. I like the sun but I'm petrified of burning even in England. I actually wore this week's ago and forgot about the photos for a while. I think my sheer jacket/kimono/cardigan will be out frequently in the summer too-a great find although I've seen a few about.  

Sun glasses obviously make all the difference in outfit posts (something I NEED to remember/ invest in) as I'm defeating looking back at squinting eyed photos. They make my won my eyes really noticeable- something don't worry about day to day but I'm not enjoying seeing. 

I'm super duper excited as I'm picking my bike up tomorrow- my uni investment piece so I can get to work and back for free. I can't wait to ride it and it will obviously be shared on here :) 
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


I wasn't quite sure about this cardigan when I picked it up at the Voucher Codes UK Swap Shop but there was something I liked despite not having a clue what to wear with it, but after throwing it on over my velvet dress I was impressed. 

I'm forever grateful I took the chance- it's amazing and I've been wearing it every day since :) It's originally from ASOS and I can't express how well it fits. It's so warm I could happily roll up the sleeves

Cardigan: ASOS (similar here, here and here)
Dress:  Primark
Petticoat: eBay
Bag: Gucci
Necklace and roller ring: Pip Jolley
Claw ring: Tessa Metcalfe
Boots:  River Island
Hair comb: Crown and Glory

I think it's my first real leap into loving patterns (other than florals and checks) and I can't wait to try a bit of print clashing with it. 

Paired with my over worn River Island boots, a petticoat to add a good flare to my dress, and a pin up edge with my hair flower I love this look. 

I'm very glad I took the leap into something different- so much it's inspired me to finally break the shopping slump and by a few things this week. Mainly knee length dresses :)

Have you tried anything new lately? 
Jodie x 

Monday, 12 May 2014


I actually had this scheduled for last week but it never posted but better late then never :)

Smock: Vintage Style Me
Leggings: New Look
Loafers: Linzi (similar here and here

My Vintage Style Me smocks are becoming my firm favourites in my wardrobe- I just can't stop wearing them! I'm almost worried I'm becoming one a cartoon character with the smock as my drawn on outfit. But they're just so easy to wear. This is how I wear them most often- with a pair of leggings. Unfortunately I bought regular length leggings (because my legs are strangely lanky) and they're a little short so I have to crop the legs- not that I'm bothered as cropped legs are becoming my thing. Basically with the rolled fringe, leather and my loafers this is just an outfit of my most worn clothes, and as I'm pretty sure I've never blogged it before it's time it's made its long overdue debut. 

I've got into the awful habit of not reapplying my lipstick while out so it's bare lips today- but I assure you they where as red as my smock leaving my house. 
Jodie x 
P.S. if you haven't checked out the site Dog Shaming. It's far too addictive. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014


... spending time with my family, investing in transport with no future running costs, and Courtney at Big Dig tattoos for making my wishes come true-spending far too much money but loving every moment...

... polka dot perfection from Annika (The Pineneedle Collective) ...

... pretty paisley from Sade  (In My Sunday Best)...

... and pointers from Katie (Scarphelia ECT).

What I don't love is when scheduled posts don't publish (sorry guys) .
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I know I have been a little sporadic at blogging recently with so much going on I've found it hard to find time to sit back and plan. This weekend I decided to return to something I love with gusto. There is nothing i hate more than bloggers who say they re back and they're content still isn't up to the standard of previous posts so I'm coming back with a bang and another tutorial.

This is probably my favourite (and easily most worn) hair style at the moment- a side rolled fringe. I took most of my inspiration from A Vintage Vanity.

It takes probably 5 minutes to do and that with hairspray "drying time".

1) First of all style the majority of your hair (they fringe should be practically the last thing you do)- in this case I hot rolled my hair.

2) Separate the front section of your hair- taking a U shape from in line with your temple either side. It doesn't have to be super neat the side you're sweeping your hair over to but keep the "from side" neat as rolling your fringe creates a parting.

3) I've recently given up back combing my hair and have found this wonder product- Plump It Up Spray- which does the job of back combing. So I sprayed my hair with this but you can backcomb. I find it works really well if you spray a coat then sort of scrunch your hair to add volume and texture.

4) Then Spray with hair spray....

5)... and smooth out your hair gently with a back comb brush.

6) Pull the section to one side...

7)... then roll the hair under towards your temple ensuring you tuck in any short hairs of fringes (a smaller roll is a little fiddly but stays in your hair a lot tighter but its really preference).

8) Secure the roll either side sliding a bobby pin close to your hair line pining both your hair and the roll.

9) Give your hair a good spray with hairspray and leave to dry.

10) Finish of the rest of your hair while the spray is drying.

11) Gently fan out your hair in the roll to preference...

12)... I then usually secure the end of the roll to my hair to discourage it from separating...

13)... and spray with hair spray.

And that it. It probably took you longer to read this explanation then to actually create the roll!
Jodie x