Friday, 16 May 2014


Playsuit: Collectif (similar here and here)
Sheer jacket: Charity Shop
Bag: River Island
Loafers: Linzi (similar here)
Sunglasses: Gift
Headscarf: Primark

I don't care how revealing this playsuit is  on my boobs I love it- and I'm so glad I found it on ASOS Marketplace. I can't wait to start wearing it in the proper summer without tights, hair up, bare feet and sitting in the shade. I like the sun but I'm petrified of burning even in England. I actually wore this week's ago and forgot about the photos for a while. I think my sheer jacket/kimono/cardigan will be out frequently in the summer too-a great find although I've seen a few about.  

Sun glasses obviously make all the difference in outfit posts (something I NEED to remember/ invest in) as I'm defeating looking back at squinting eyed photos. They make my won my eyes really noticeable- something don't worry about day to day but I'm not enjoying seeing. 

I'm super duper excited as I'm picking my bike up tomorrow- my uni investment piece so I can get to work and back for free. I can't wait to ride it and it will obviously be shared on here :) 
Jodie x 


  1. wow you look so beautiful. fits so well this playsuit, design, color, hair and all!, I loved it, you're a bombom!

  2. You are stunning! Loving the outfit!

  3. Hey, I'm needing to get a bike for when I move too! Haha, awesome investment :)
    Love the playsuit, it definitely is flirtacious in nature!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. You look amazing! Can't wait to see the bike x

  5. This playsuit is so lovely, you look gorgeous in it! I'm the same way with the sun, I wear sunscreen on my face all year just to be safe (and remain as pale as possible haha). I don't feel like my outfits are complete without sunglasses anymore, and they totally solve the squinty eye issue like you said!

  6. oh yea so rock n roll! new bike must be exciting. have always wanted to own a bike but never be able to afford it.

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  7. youuuu have the most darling figure, Jodie! and I am so in love with that playsuit, omigosh. The sheer cardigan/jacket/batman cape thing is also hands down awesome.

    AND YAY FOR BIKES! Bike rides are so much fun so I hope you have an excellent one. :)

  8. You totally rock that playsuit!

    Enjoy your bike! I can't be seen without my bike in summer unless i'm in the office... or in bed, ha!