Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I know I have been a little sporadic at blogging recently with so much going on I've found it hard to find time to sit back and plan. This weekend I decided to return to something I love with gusto. There is nothing i hate more than bloggers who say they re back and they're content still isn't up to the standard of previous posts so I'm coming back with a bang and another tutorial.

This is probably my favourite (and easily most worn) hair style at the moment- a side rolled fringe. I took most of my inspiration from A Vintage Vanity.

It takes probably 5 minutes to do and that with hairspray "drying time".

1) First of all style the majority of your hair (they fringe should be practically the last thing you do)- in this case I hot rolled my hair.

2) Separate the front section of your hair- taking a U shape from in line with your temple either side. It doesn't have to be super neat the side you're sweeping your hair over to but keep the "from side" neat as rolling your fringe creates a parting.

3) I've recently given up back combing my hair and have found this wonder product- Plump It Up Spray- which does the job of back combing. So I sprayed my hair with this but you can backcomb. I find it works really well if you spray a coat then sort of scrunch your hair to add volume and texture.

4) Then Spray with hair spray....

5)... and smooth out your hair gently with a back comb brush.

6) Pull the section to one side...

7)... then roll the hair under towards your temple ensuring you tuck in any short hairs of fringes (a smaller roll is a little fiddly but stays in your hair a lot tighter but its really preference).

8) Secure the roll either side sliding a bobby pin close to your hair line pining both your hair and the roll.

9) Give your hair a good spray with hairspray and leave to dry.

10) Finish of the rest of your hair while the spray is drying.

11) Gently fan out your hair in the roll to preference...

12)... I then usually secure the end of the roll to my hair to discourage it from separating...

13)... and spray with hair spray.

And that it. It probably took you longer to read this explanation then to actually create the roll!
Jodie x


  1. I am loving your retro hair, unfortunately my fringe is like an inch long, so I will never be able to create this lovely look :(

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. A couple of Bobby pins should sort it out :)

  2. This hairdo is looking perfect on you! And the tutorial actually makes it look quite easy to make, unfortunately i can't try it because of my bangs :(

    1. I have bangs it just takes a few Bobby pins to clip up the sides.

  3. perfect tutorial! your hair look really really nice like that, thanks for sharing. I might give that a try soon!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. You wear this look so well, and fantastic tutorial!
    I just don't know if I can pull off this look myself...lol

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Great tutorial!
    Looks so lovely.
    Just my to wait for my fringe to get longer!


  6. Fab tutorial. It's spot on pin up! I just cut my fringe as it was winding me up, coulda left it and tried this out!


  7. I love this look, perfect for the festival season!

  8. Oh wow - your hair is really goddess like!

  9. You look very beautiful! I love your vintage style so much xx

  10. you are so beautiful so i cant handle it! i wish i could look as good in this haircut like you <33