Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Some weeks feel like they've lasted months- such as this past week. Training, overtime, hair dying, fabric buying and hosting a garden party is exhausting. Plus cancelling my pension (I'm no longer an adult!) and filling paperwork has taken a lot of free time- but I can see an end. I can't wait to start uni and as a student blogger (I've already wrote a handful of posts ready to post). 

I can tell that my enthusiasm for uni is impacting on my enthusiasm for fashion- trends feel like they're passing me by but my style has changed. I'm interested in only a little niche. 

I'm officially the worse fashion blogger ever!! Ha ha ha. 

Dress: Camden Market
Shoes: Primark (similar here and here) I've just purchased these amazing creepers from Dr Martens ;)
Bag: the Circus Of Horrors
Coat: eBay
Headscarf: Thrifted. 

I officially love halter neck dresses. I always thought that they would make my chest look bigger but I've changed my mind. I'm so glad that Chris bought me this dress and he and my best friend have encouraged me to by more- finally I'm wearing the pin up fashion I've lusted after since cutting in a Betty Page fringe in my early teens (was I 14?). They don't make my chest look obscene!! 

Ive been having a little bit of a crisis as of late- pin up feels so much like me but I panic that its too much to quickly. Ive always had a pin up trust but my as I know have a wardrobe I feel like I've properly embraced it. I wonder where goth Jodie who only dressed in black has gone.

I've asked Chris this about 20 times this week (and I've only spent about 12 hours with him) and my best friend had a two hour conversation about it but (as pathetic as it seems) I winder what you guys think?
Jodie x

P.S. the coat!! I'm in two minds about this coat- one hand I can stay dry from the rain and show off my clothes :) but on the other its so tacky. But I do like tacky. Its also acts like a mini steamer. 


  1. Yay for trying out new dress styles! I really haven't ever tried halter dresses because I'm afraid my shoulders are too wide, but after reading your success with them, maybe I should branch out. That color is stunning on you and the detail at the bust is so so cute!

    I think pin-up and goth you are equally awesome. You can do both and switch off, or I'm sure there's some happy medium in between! It's hard trying to define your own style. D: !

  2. that beautiful dress, you look pretty in it!; I feel the same with the darker style lately too (although addicted to pink), but do not worry, maybe we are just bipolar fashion, always returns the time want to wear black velvet, lace and leather;)

  3. That dress looks amazing on you, such a perfect colour and fit! I think if you're wearing what you like and are confident in it, don't worry about it being too much too soon!!


  4. I love it! Your style have changed in totally good ways :-)

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  5. I think you should just go with the flow! I've been becoming more girly in the last year after 25 years of androgyny and really resisted it and became cross with myself. How stupid! x

  6. The clear mac is anything but tacky, it is totally Burberry - last year they had a fashion show with the models wearing clear macs and ponchos for the finally whilst 'rain' fell from the sky.
    And yeah embrace the pin-up girl look, you have the figure and face and everything for it! Gorgeous!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. I like this dress!
    Oh and just réalized you had a clear coat that is so cool !
    And you were Creepers too :D


  8. wow mint is your colour <3 i always wanted to have same coat as you <3 so awesome :DD !


  9. wow such a funky look with the clear mac! and really sweet skater dress too!

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx