Friday, 6 June 2014


Thank you everyone who had commented on my previous post- you guys are seriously awesome :) I was so worried about sharing such a big change but the support has berm excellent- every new comment I read them all over and over about 30 times.

Thank you. I knew I could rely on all my blogger babes :) words can't describe how important everyone's comments where for me.

Receiving such great feedback has inspired me to change up my blogging style a lot more.

I love shoes. Shoes make me happy and I spend a small fortune on them, wearing them until they fall apart. Inspired by Becky (Becky Bedbug) I've decided to show off my little collection, as they get so little action in my blog posts.

These are whats been on my feet pretty much constantly for the last 3 weeks, replacing two pairs that had fallen apart. I bought them in Primark for a massive £12!! And I'm seriously impressed. They've scuffed up a bit and are apt lighter than my old creepers but they've faired so well. I thought (wearing them to work) I would have killed them already buy they're really lasting and are SO comfortable. I have a thing about clunky shoes and these are perfect.
Jodie x


  1. These are awesome, I'd love to see the rest of your collection! And I have to ask, where are the trousers that you're wearing with them from? I love that print!

  2. I think the Primark ones are nicer than most of the more expensive ones I've seen! I ordered some shoes from Boohoo this week. You are gonna LOVE them! x

  3. bahaha, I definitely spend most of my money on shoes, too, so I know what you mean there. ;) These are absolutely RAD! And the print on your pants is crazy cool. You've got some neat things in your closet. :D

    Have a wonderful weekend!! <3

  4. creepers are my fav shoes ever!, and just 12!, I think is really great!

  5. I've loved creepers shoes for quite a long time. I've gone through several different pairs, and I'm glad that this trend has lasted for quite some time.Thanks for posting!Keep going.