Wednesday, 25 June 2014


After a long (but very enjoyable) weekend I feel human again. Being caffeine free means a few coca colas effect my body worse than a few too many glasses of wine. After being so full on over preparing to go to uni it's been really nice to just relax with some new friends.

Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar here and here
Dress: Collectiff (similar here)
Loafers: Linzi
Bag: Topshop
Hair: Crown and Glory and Hysteria Machine
Braclet: Pip Jolley

I'm so excited to share this cardigan as its so unbelievably perfect :) Voodoo Vixen hosted a Vintage hair instagram competition which I won and this is what I choose as my prize. 

After seeing Amanda (Amanda Darling and Georgina Peaches) in hers I HAD to own it and following her size down advice I fitted into an XL :) Not only is it beautiful and soft but the "peak-a-boo" style collar is really flattering (compared to completely buttoned up). Paired simply with my Collectiff dress and roller bangle, this was a wear everywhere outfit- from running errands to baking and an evening round my sisters. 
Jodie x 


  1. What a flattering dress! Your cardigan is marvelous <3
    Nothing like taking a break from Uni every now and then with friends!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Caffine can strain your system when you're not used to it. I'm a heavy tea drinker but coffee makes me so so jittery, so I know that feeling!

    Aaaah, I am in love with this outfit. Your makeup is so so pretty and I love the pops of red from your lips and flowers! n_____n Have a stunning rest of the week!!~

  3. The cardigan is beautiful and so flattering! I only have one cup of tea a day now, as my caffeine intake was a joke. x

  4. your hair always fascinate me, you look so feminine, the cardigan is very subtle, has those cute little birds as detailed

  5. you stunner! really like the details on the cardigan.

    Katrina Sophia Blog