Wednesday, 2 July 2014


This post is much overdue (I don’t know why I haven’t posted it yet) but finally its up- and a very different post for me. Not only is it void of my face but also the photo wasn’t even taken by me!

This actually a photo of my best friend April taken by Andrew Wood Photography in Manchester.

Around Christmas Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust (who I idolise) ran a competition to have a paid phtotoshoot with Andrew Wood photography- with the requirements to email her with a reason why you think you deserved the shoot. To be honest I didn’t think I deserved it- I thought April deserved it and I poured my heart out into an email about how incredibly awesome she is for what she goes through- including how much she puts up with rom me (this could easily have been several paragraphs of insults which only best friends can share between each other). In fact I completely put it out of my mind forgetting to actually tell her I had entered (usually we share all competitions between each other).

We didn’t win, but being so successful Georgina and Andrew Wood Photography gave out a few runner up prizes which we did win- cue exciting moment when I told April she had won. I can say about the Andrew Wood Photography team is we have never met a bunch of girls as kind and calming as them (even rearranging our appointment when we got stuck in traffic and ended up late). To the point where April has already arranged a revisit to them.

Not only did they make up both feel at ease and where a right laugh in taking the photos- but the work they put on to create the perfect images is outstanding- we have both been to photo shoots where you feel like you’re just standing in front of a camera but the girls where awesome in directing April even snapping away as she was rolling on the floor laughing at the jokes we were making.If I can say all of this and not be the one in front the camera I don’t know what else need to be said to convince you to try them out- or what took me so long to share the photo. A Massive thank you to everyone at Andrew Wood Photography for giving April the day and image she deserved.
Jodie x
P.S. thank you to April and Andrew Wood Photography for the image!


  1. Daaaaang girl, you are lookin' good! Isn't it nice to have someone else take your pics for a change? It kinda gives you a whole new look. You are just so glamorous here! I mean you're always glamorous but the feel of these images just amps that up. :)

  2. Whoa, at first I thought it was you! Aha, but that's so sweet that your friend won and you helped her win it :D
    Best feeling everrr

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