Friday, 12 September 2014


With London Fashion Week staring for me tomorrow (I can't wait to see my blogger babes) I've realised how fashion related this past month has been, even if I haven't managed to post as often as I would have liked. I've really pushed myself to do as much as possible (as its something I enjoy so much) before I run out of chance. After attending Plus North, modelling there (a post will be soon), and (hopefully) a few new possibilities coming my way (which I will be forever grateful for) I could have easily have got into a slump between PN and LFW. Fortunately me and my best friend April managed to secure tickets to Collectifs 100 Dresses London Edge After Party. Being dressed to the nines as the perfect plus size pin up attire was a dream. 

Getting to party at Proud Camden with Alix Fox, Meth, the Tootsie Rollers and more (who I've forgotten sorry) was amazing- Collectif can really put on a party! Even being sober me and April had so much fun we nearly missed our train.

Dress: Collectif (similar here and here)
Bag: Gift
Shoes: ASOS
Aprils dress: Collectif (similar here and here)

I'm not lying when I say I LOVE Collectif and I felt honoured to be parting "representing" them with 99 other ladies- me and April honestly never felt better. Theres something about Collectifs fit that just matches my body. The shape is just perfect for my hourglass shape. Plus the off shoulder sleeves is perfect for a little tattoo flashing (I wish I had taken a photo of Aprils from the back as her dress showed hers off even better).

Sorry this post is so short but this dress won't be a stranger (and I really should sleep!) but if you're interested in what I'm doing over the weekend (and while I've been at uni and AWOL) follow me on Instagram.
Jodie x


  1. Love love the dress on you! Had a look of the website, all the dresses are gorgeous.

    Katrina Sophia

  2. pretty ladies ;), you look amazing girl :3