Friday, 5 September 2014


I'll hold my hands up- up until the beginning of last year I never cleaned my makeup brushes. I used them until they where disgusting unusable then bought new ones. In fairness this is when I tended to put most of it on with my fingers (I had a powder brush and one eyeshadow brush I used for every colour when I wanted to keep my fingers clean) but buying a set I decided to look after them. 

After trying shampoo, soap, face scrubs and cleansers and just warm water I wasn't happy. They took ages to clean, where never perfect, where left feeling rough and would irritate my skin for a few days after cleaning. Then in January I had foundation matched in MAC and the artist used the cleanser

After asking age raved about it (and as my skin felt good after wards) I tried it out myself. You can see how much I've used so I think its fair to say I approve. 

What I tend to do is fill the sink with a little water, chick in a flannel (as my mum does NOT like it when I stain the sink) and wipe the brush with warm water, then massage in a few drops of cleanser and clean with warm water and the flannel. Sometimes I repeat then squeeze the excess water and air dry. 

Nothings cleaned them better and faster and (as they're properly clean and the cleanser is gentle) my skin has improved. Essential with how much stress I've been under starting uni (which is going fantastically).

I really cant fault it- I recommend it to everyone. 
Jodie x
P.S. I haven't done many beauty reviews and I wonders what everyone thinks? 


  1. This sounds handy! I've developed a few pimples on my cheek due to blusher. So I'd totally buy that, thanks!

    Katrina Sophia

  2. This sounds like a great idea! I don't use makeup myself but I will definitely pass this on to my friends that do! I've heard good things about MAC before, so I'm sure it worked really well!