Tuesday, 21 October 2014


When Black Heart Creative's posted their Halloween workshop on Facebook I instantly knew that it would be the perfect birthday day out for April. I have never made jewellery before but was excited to make my earrings and necklace. Little did I know what exactly I was letting myself in for.

Fuelled by a few cocktails (happy hour is a wonderful thing) the afternoon was a laugh.

I decided to stick to the basics and create the double bone earrings as I wanted to be talked through it step by step (but some people really let out there creative side). Charlotte was fantastic!

She kept it nice and slow (for snail paced me) and helped me with the first few o-rings but also walked round and encouraged everyone when they sailed ahead. I was really quite awful at first- it slightly worried me that as someone who works with their hands just how uncoordinated I was with the o-rings.

The knack is to pull one side of the o-ring towards you to open, then twist them back together until they click into place. The click back into place was what I struggled with- both Charlotte and April had to check over all my rings.

In the end I created a beautiful (if slightly wonky) charm necklace. I was going to make it very everyday without the pumpkins but I really liked the Orange of the pumpkins in the mix. I know it is super Halloween-y but I can see myself wearing it all year round- mostly as I love the taste of pumpkin's.

Me and April (where obviously the last to leave) had a fantastic day, topped off with pizza and silly mirror selfies.

As an individual Charlotte is awesome- and her passion for her craft really shone through. Plus the level of attention she showed me was abortive and beyond- I really enjoyed myself considering I was close to bribing April with cocktails to make my jewellery after the first o-ring and feel like if the opportunity to do about her arose I would jump at the chance.

Charlotte has a final Halloween workshop on the 28th in Bristol, and you can keep up with her other creations via Facebook Twitter and instagram.
Jodie x
P.S. thank you to April for taking some fantastic photos :) 

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