Monday, 20 October 2014


Voodoo Vixen is a brand I've made very clear in the past I love (ever since this post by the beautiful Megan) and who's quality is high and have the perfect mix of modern touches and vintage flare. They're the sort of brand which everyone can enjoy- and with their recent addition of Plus Sizes even more so. My Gigi and Mila cardigans are my biggest love (I honestly think they're part Teflon as they've stood up to a LOT of wear) and my most stealworthy- as in everyone sees them and want to try them on and take them for keeps. 

It's only appropriate that a brand I love releases a collection suited for my favourite season. 

FYI this post is not sponsored by Voodoo Vixen in anyway- I just really love them and super excited about the A/W14 collection. I feel like blogging for me is like going "OMG look at this" over pizza with my best friend so I feel like I'm obligated to share what I'm most excited about :) p.s. I really do stalk the Voodoo Vixen IG feed to extreme so although the plus size range isn't available yet I think I know what's coming. 

Polka dot dresses like this one- Adrina- are (in my mind) the most versatile dresses in the world- I think they literally  in every style of dressing not just pin up. It looks like the Eliza dress to be realised in plus so everyone can challenge their inner Minnie Mouse.

I don't think the teenage punk in me will ever fully die so hello leopard print Cherise.  Hazel dress. 
 Not yet released- but the same floral print and material as the Pepina dress. 

The plus size range will be released in December (just in time for my birthday!!) and if you stalk follow Voodoo Vixen  on Instagram you'll be excited as I am for this awesome velvet tattoo dress to be available in a flared skirt.  Dreaming about it layered over petticoat under a cosy faux fur for Christmas. 

Again not yet released but I this layered style remind me a lot of the Penny and Hattie dresses (also available in Plus size here and here) and they look stunning in person- and sophisticated. 

With tartan, blue leopard and autumnal brown floral prints soon to arrive (and if my stalking is correct the Connie dress will be available in Plus size) Voodoo Vixen is really exciting me :)  

Massive thank you to Billie-Jo from Branded Lab for sending me these images and being an all round star. Hope you all like the post (and don't judge me for being a woman obsessed) .
Jodie x