Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Never in my adult life have a dressed up for Halloween- in fact I haven't dressed up since I was about 10. Saying that I LOVE it. Skulls and creepiness and pumpkins- what's not to love :) 

Never celebrating Halloween I've never really dressed up so the October task on Fatshionology was hard- dress up is not something I'm used to. 

Throwing myself into the challenge I planned a few pin up style looks. 

Pin Up witch

A witch is the standard Halloween costume it was silly I didn't give this a go. Giving it a pin up edge I channelled my inner Morticia Adams and went for a long wiggle dress (with a witchy cape shoulders). Feeling more pagan than cartoon I went for a Autumn look with my make up- contouring in green and golden brown lips. 

 Dress: Frank and Doll
Hat: River Island
Hair skull: Hysteria Machine

Pin Up Pirate

Since recovering this halter neck from Vivien of Holloway I wanted to pirate it up, pairing it with my VoH skirt and belt. My thigh high boots have been sitting in my wardrobe all summer so bringing them out now it's got colder for this look is perfect- and rather than a bandanna I went for a pin up spin of a turban instead.

Belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Turban: Primark scarf
Boots: New Look

Pin Up Cat

My most fun look has to be this cat- but I'm not proud of my lack of make up skills. I wish my face looked a little more furry. Feeling fun I was inspired by Lucille Ball and went for (an ironic) poodle hairstyle. 

Top: Vintage

I wish I had plans for Halloween so I could dress up. What are you planning on dressing as?
Jodie x 


  1. you look adorable :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. I have just blogged about how hard I find Hallowe'en to dress up for and you show me up with this post :D

  3. You are so cute as a cat!!! :D I love that one haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I'm with you there on the plans thing--I'm not doing anything for halloween, just working on art things hahaha! I absolutely love those cute little outfits you made up, though, and give you a thumbs up for doing them. That first one especially! Have a wonderful rest o' your week, sweet Jodie! :DD

  5. These are fabulous, I especially love the Pin Up Cat!