Sunday, 2 November 2014


... spending time simply relaxing. After a hectic few weeks my uni life has balanced out with my personal life- and although I'll rather be doing my assignments than blogging (sorry) I'm happy where I'm at. I only wish my student budget had allowed me to enjoy the Halloween activities- I love all things creepy especially these awesome meringue ghosts by Laura...

... in line with dressing up Megan's recap of MCM and all things display looks fantastic (and she makes the best Ariel)...

... being bare faced at work (the air conditioning irritates my skin) I've become obsessed with makeup and hair tutorials- Laura's ombre lips look fantastic and is something I NEED to try.

Hope you're all having  Fantastic week.
Jodie x 

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  1. Really nice list! I always love seeing bloggers' takes on Holidays too:)