Friday, 12 December 2014


Dress: Collectif (siimilar here and here)
Coat: New Look
Velvet scarf: Gift
Bag: Gucci
Boots: M&S
Glasses: London Retro

I'm very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays- I'm going to spend the majority of the two weeks asleep I can already tell :) I'm simply exhausted desperately trying to complete my essay so I can actually enjoy my break. 

This is the year my whole family is together (as apposed to my sisters being at their in-laws and nan at my aunts) so me and Chris are already planning our board game victory dance. Articulate is our game ;) Does anyone else have traditions? like everyone crawling into my parents bed to open stockings (although its just me and them this year in the morning), or opening our presents after dinner at 5pm? Being the only time of the year we sit in our living room- and everyone moans because its so hot with a full house.

I've finally relented and brought out the stockings, and welcomed my faux furs back into normal rotation. I just love faux fur coats- or anything faux fur. Its warm, cosy and chic. Plus looks perfect with my Collectif cherry dress and big hair.

Fifties dressing is becoming my "safe place"- like I only feel comfortable when I have my clothes and hair just right. It makes me feel incredibly shallow but I feel like I'm now old enough to stop pretending I don't care how I look and just embrace my differences. Turning 25 on Tuesday didn't just bring a complete and recurring mental breakdown, I also won a pair of ticket to the Horst exhibit at the V&A from Lipstick Queen which I am claiming as a birthday day out :) plus giving me the excuse to go to the Mid Century Christmas Market.

Speak again soon.
Jodie x


  1. I love your style, that dress pattern is lovely!

  2. Wow, such a gorgeous dress! Loving that print :)

  3. very pin-up girl like :D you look fantastic, just breath taking! :) :D

  4. LOL Jodie I am right there with you on the sleeping part. I feel like this semester just exhausted me. I slept the first night for 12 hours after exams. Anywho, you are looking fierce as usual. That scarf looks cozy and like a giant fuzzy worm and I mean that in the best way. I would personally love a giant fuzzy worm wrapped round my neck.

  5. I love fifties dressing! You look gorgeous, loved the dress! And your glasses! Well, yes, we have some traditions for Christmas too :) And it's so close now! I am back to the blogosphere - I was out because 1) I can be very messy about time :) 2) I am using facebook, where I see feeds - glad to be back and to see your lovely outfit!

  6. Wow...great style of Yours!
    happy festive season