Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I've been absent for a few weeks but my productivity in my personal life is huge. Last year I concluded with my favourite outfits, so carrying on with the theme I though I would do it this year too. It's nice to look back and see how I've changed. 

This year has been so busy- working to get into uni took up the beginning of my year, and uni its self has occupied the second half. 

At the beginning of the year my pin up looks was mostly created by my hair- I rolled my fringe st least once a week. I got my legs out a lot. In March I bought my first ever dress from Collectif Clothing (swoon) and have up the grunge look for good. My wardrobe still hadn't grown to a comfortable level (need more clothes)  but I like where it started.

Petticoat became my favourite things in the whole world- I don't wear a dress without them. The first half of the year saw then end of getting my legs out preferring mid length dresses and skirts.

Petticoat and heat do NOT mix so I tried out dresses without and for the first time in my life I tried capris. They're seriously the best thing ever!! September ended up being the beating of the year, I went to Plus North, LFW, Collectifs 100 Dresses, and was approached to collaborate with a few brands. Blogging was going well but the icing on the cake was starting uni. 

Uni ended up taking up all of my time (I'm not moaning) so blogging tool a hit from October. Pencil skirts and wiggle dresses became the better option (they're easier to wear) and I started waist training. My priorities changed and as did my style

It's nice to see how my style has evolved- and how I've embraced colour and increased my love of pin up. It's defiantly something that will be continued. Plus I'm determined to make more time for blogging in general.

What where your favourite outfits this year?
Jodie x


  1. <3 I loved several of your outfits, but your hairstyles were awesome :)

  2. Hello,Ciao Jodie...Wow...what a Year! Fashion is Art...while a painter use colours,pencils,brushes to create an artwork...You use Your great talent to create outfits that are a stunning work of Art...You're a great Artist of Style!
    have a chic,stylish 2015
    happy festive season

  3. Amazing outfits, I especially love the last look. Wishing you the best for the new year.

  4. Happy New Year!! Have always loved your style and looking forward to reading more this year. Hope uni is going well with you!

    Katrina Sophia